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Text the word Billings to 313131 to receive our latest text notifications

Our Next Sale:

January 28

"Winter Special Catalog Sale" and
"Cabin Fever Tack Sale"

EXPECTING 300+ Horses

Join us Friday, January 27 at 3 p.m.
For Indoor Performance Preview

Horse Palace Arena Exit 437 on I-90 
CABIN FEVER Tack Sale follows Loose approx. 10 a.m.
Sunday, January 29 - Cowboy Church 8 a.m. BLS Sale Arena


ROPE, RIDE, RANCH or RECREATE, this sale will have it all
Catalog is open to all classes and will offer arena horses, rope horses,
ranch and using horses, prospects, mares, stallions, ponies, and young stock!

This sale is stuffed FULL of good horses. Come see us.

Call us 406-245-4151 or email us at info@billingslivestock.com

Click Here for: Set #2 - Set #3 - Set #4

STICK- 2002 GRADE Bay Gelding. Stick is a big bay draft cross with four white socks!! Stick can be used for anything and I mean anything!!!! I have owned him six years. He is a finished pickup horse and is solid as they come there isn't a bull he won't pull. You can carry flags on him as well. Stick is super broke and you won't show him anything new on the ranch he is a finished ranch horse as well. He has also been used for a therapy riding horse for disabled people nothing bothers him!!!  He Loves kids and will take care of kids or green people in any situation. He can be rode bareback with just a halter outside. I have drug cattle on the trailer with him, cut studs on him, and doctored lots of cattle outside on him. Stick also loves going for trail rides you can put your slicker on while you in the saddle he won't move. 100% safe!!! Please call 651 303 7056 with any questions!!! Coggins. JA1

2009 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Rolling Te Trace x Rolling Jax Copper out of Go Zella Page x Go Te Buck.  16.1 hands, 1500lbs, size 1 shoe and a gentle, giant. David is super sweet and easy going. You can catch him anywhere and he saddles up great after time off and in the coldest of weather and he will ride off without a fuss. He is a gentleman to handle. We have used his this winter to pull the feed sled and play with kids on the sled in the snow. We have rode him in some rough country in the mountains and he is sure footed and will go where he's asked.  He has gathered and pushed cattle, pasture roped off of him, and sorted on him in the corrals. He will stand solid for you to mount off of a mounting block or a rock or anything you need to step up on him. He will lope out of his tracks, nice and easy, has a good stop, turn around and one handed neck rein. He is gentle enough to take care of a beginner but you can do a ranch job on him too. You can ride him in a group or he will ride off alone without any hassle. He will load in and back out of the trailer. For more information call 307-250-0900. To see more pictures and a video of David go to www.mcnabblivestock.com Coggins.  JA10

MISTER – 2016 Grade Black Stallion.  Mister is the perfect prospect for anyone looking for a colt to start next year. He has been gentle right from the start. Even on the first day he didn't care about a rope being flipped all over him and it getting tangled around his legs. Mister has never once kicked at me, even when pulling a rope across his hind legs. He is not registerable but has some great bloodlines including: Joe Hancock, Diamond Charge, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Three bars, Poco Bueno, and Joe Reed. Both his sire and dam are well built with a great mind. His sire Zeus and sister Sugar are both selling as well. Video of his first days of halter breaking available on Youtube (Search for "Mister Stud Colt") and will be showing at the sale. He goes today so don't miss him! (406) 380-2097 JA11

SUGAR – 2016 Grade Blue Roan Mare. Sugar is a beautiful, smart roan filly. She learns quickly and remembers it right away the next day. She is not registerable but has great bloodlines including: Joe Hancock, Diamond Charge, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Three bars, Poco Bueno, and Joe Reed. Her sire and brother are both selling as well. Video is available on YouTube (Search "Sugar Roan Filly") and will be showed at sale. Great little filly for riding or broodmare prospect! Goes today, don't miss her! (406) 380-2097 JA12

ZEUS – 2013 Grade Bay Roan Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Stallion.  Zeus is a big, beautiful bay roan stud. He's only bred a couple of mares for two years. Zeus has a calm, gentle temperament and does not have a stud's mentality. His dam and sire were both calm, gentle horses that you could do anything with. He is only halter broke, but he is so smart that it would not take much to start him. His first two foals are selling in this sale as well. Second set will drop this spring. Only selling because I do not have the time to break him, and I don't need him as a stud. He is not registerable but has great bloodlines including: Joe Hancock, Diamond Charge, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Three bars, Poco Bueno, and Joe Reed. Zeus will make a great stallion for someone, or geld him and he will make a great saddle horse. (406) 380-2097 JA13

2010 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Doc Bar Ladys Beau x Keo San Bucky out of King Leos Kandy Bar x Parkers King Pride. Leo is cute, shapy buckskin gelding. He is gentle in every way and polite and easy to be around. He has been ridden both inside the arena, on the ranch and down the trail. He is soft in the mouth and responds well to your leg cues. Video will be available on our website at least a week before sale day. www.WyomingHorsesAndMules.net for more info, please call 307-752-8197. Coggins. JA14

PEGASUS- 2007 GRADE Grey Gelding. Lots of bone and foot under this gelding. He Stands 15.2 hands, is 9 years old, and packs a size two shoe. Pegasus has been used all over the ranch chasing and sorting cattle and horses. Gets out and covers country, crosses water, muskeg and through trees. A horse that will stand up to any sort of country you throw at him and a good looking, big hipped gelding. Any questions, give MJ a call at 780-210-2503. Coggins. JA2

POPCORN- 2009 GRADE Grey Molly Mule. Popcorn is a gorgeous little molly mule with an excellent wither. She is 8 years old and stands 14.3 hands. This little mule gets out and covers country. We have used her out on the ranch here, and also in a large feedlot near home. She is gentle and soft in the mouth. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503. Coggins. JA3

BUTTERMILK – 2009 Grade Buckskin Gelding.  Buttermilk is 14 hands, 1,000 lbs but has a ton of heart and is willing to do his best even on the toughest ranch job. This little guy will pull from the horn and drag a heavy load of hay through deep snow. We have gone a lot of miles with him gathering and pushing cattle in rough country and on the coldest of days he hasn't had any quit in him. He will stand ground tied, has not offered to spook or buck and he saddles up quiet after time off. He is traffic safe and good around dogs, llamas, pigs and birds. Buttermilk is super cute, has a pretty baby doll head and with his color he is an eye-catcher. Buttermilk is a handy size, he would be a fantastic ladies or youth horse. He is great trail horse or take him back to the ranch, he is always happy and willing to please no matter what job you give him.  For more information call 307-250-9655. To see more pictures and video of Buttermilk go to www.quartercircle4r.com Coggins.  JA9

2006 AQHA Black Gelding x King Boar Hancock x Pig Creek Hancock out of Star Bounder x Star Doc Bee.  Star is the kind of horse you want in your herd. He is dog gentle. Has been used for youth rodeos in barrels, poles, and flags by our 10 year old daughter. Many kids have ridden him and they get along great with him. Husband has used him for heading steers and started shooting off of him. He gives what you ask of him every time.   He loads and ties like a dream. No vices at all with this fella. We have video available on him. 7016092953. Coggins.  JA8

2004 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x Snapen Command x Olenas Command out of Docs Eternal Reba x Docs Fargo. This horse is a good looking all around solid ranch horse. He is gentle, you can rope anything on him and has also drug calves to the fire. You can pack calves on him as well.  Not for a beginner, and is just a little buddy sour if out in big areas with a lot of other horses. He has been started in Breakaway roping as well as heeling, but has only been tracking the dummy.  He stops well and is very responsive. Coggins. JA6

2006 APHA Gray Gelding x JB Painted Flare x JR Bar Straw out of Silver Snow x Tuffssil Verrobin. "Patrick" is a ten year old year old grey gelding. Has been used for all aspects on the ranch. Tracks up on cattle very well and good to rope on. Has a very fast smooth trot. He's very nice to use on a big circle. Coggins. JA7

COLONEL & MAJOR-TEAM- COLONEL 2010 GRADE Black Gelding. 2009 GRADE Black Gelding. This is a pair of full brother, Friesian cross geldings. They stand 16.2 hands, weigh 1600 pounds, and drive exceptionally well. We have used them choring around the ranch, in horse shows, and in parades. They drove on the wheel of our four-up all summer at shows and in town, swing and back in to load round bales, and drive through our barn to load manure. Hook absolutely any which-way. Lots of action, drive up like a carriage team. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503. Coggins. JA16/JA17

SUGAR-2009 GRADE Bay Molly Mule. Sugar is a very sweet little Molly mule she stands thirteen hands. She has been rode by all levels of riders she is safe!!! Been On lots of trail rides and have gathered a few cows on her. Easy to catch and loves attention. Don't miss out on this sweet little mule one of a kind. FMI (651) 303-7056. Coggins. JA27

PATTY- 2011 GRADE Dun Molly Mule. Really nice made Molly mule that is broke to ride and pack. She Was in hunting camp this fall lots of heart and go. Good using mule. FMI (651) 303-7056. Coggins. JA29

TAOS – 2008 GRADE Dun Pony Gelding. Taos is a 13.1 hand pony that my 4 and 5 year old kids ride around the ranch.  I lead them out in the hills trailing cattle.  He has also drug many calves to the fire.  He is tough and not pony acting.  Ride alone or with the big horses.  He is good to shoe and bridle.  No bad habits.  For more information call 406-670-5037. JA30

RANGO – 2008 GRADE Gray Gelding.  Cowboys horse that I have owned for several years.  Used on the ranch; roped bulls, cows and horses.  Drug lots of calves to the fire.  Very smooth to ride, good for all day.  Crowded cattle on him, loaded lots of trucks off of him.  Can really walk and cover country, easy on the rider.  Shod with drill teck shoes and snow pads.  In shape and ready to use.  15 hands, 1150 pounds with no hump or buck.  Sound and real broke to rifde.  406-679-3988. Coggins.  JA31

2016 AQHA Bay Roan Mare x Leo Dally x Leo Hancock Hayes out of DVA Jiffy Pep x DVA Signal Pep.  Nice Bay Roan Filly. Hancock on top Dwiftwood and San Peppy on the bottom.  Go in any direction. Halter broke and UTD on shots and worming. JA33

2008 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Mignight Haidaway x Haidas Little Pep out of DA Steady Oak x Steady Tradition. Eddie is a 15 hand gelding with a gorgeous blue/gray color.  He has a pretty head and good foot and bone.  He is kind hearted, rides with a level head, good stride and natural athletic ability.  He stops big, is soft in his face and is good minded.  He is gentle, he is sound.  He has been ridden primarily outside but is getting the arena riding figured out!!  Well started on the hot heels and will make a fantastic head/heel prospect.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA38

2010 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Haidason x Haidas Little Pep out of Ozark Silk x Ozark Roc.  Willy is a fancy looing, cherry red sorrel gelding with the perfect amount of chrome.  He stands 14.3 and has lots of body, foot and bone.  Willy has a cadenced, easy way of traveling.  Big stop, soft in the face, easy smooth gaits.  He is very smart and learns every day you ride him.  He is gentle, very friendly and doesn’t get rattled or shook up.  He has had lots of outside miles, ride alone or in a group.  Crosses water, bridges and traffic safe.  He is roping the hot heels and will make a fancy heel prospect.  He is ready to back in the box.  Sound.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA39

2008 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Mambox Gold Dreamer x Badger Mambo out of I Like Jackie x Id Like Jack.  Jack is a compact made, stocky built, easy going, and very gentle gelding.  He is one of those smooth riding horses that just go with the flow of things.  He is a great family trail mount but yet has the athletic ability to boot.  He is level headed, soft in his face, moves off leg pressure and loves to stop.  He stands 14.3, weighs 1175 and has a good foot.  He is roping the hot heels and we have pasture roped on him.  We have also used him in rough country while coon hunting in the evenings.  He has been exposed to gunshots and we have ponied off of him.  He is sound, gentle and a nice gelding.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA40

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Remedys Phoenix x Jessies Remedy out of Dolly Fajita x Lena Fajita. We love Phoenix!!  He stands 15 hands, has good foot and good bone.  Very gentle, very smart and very trainable.  Phoenix is the kind that makes training horses enjoyable!  He is very soft in his face, has an easy ground covering trot, a one step, good strided lope off and he loves to stop.  He moves off leg pressure, turns correct.  He has been ridden outside and inside.  He is roping the hot heels.  He has a big future as a head/heel horse.  The barrel racers will love his stride.  Phoenix is very pretty – big soft eye, gorgeous head and pretty bodied.  He is sound and super gentle. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA41

2011 AQHA Black Gelding x BMQ Legacy x Deck Of Stars out of BMQ Ebony Investment x The Epitome.  Teddy is a coal black, 16 hand, big boned, big bodied, good footed, very broke gelding.  He has been used, he has been shown, he has ponied colts, he has been trail ridden.  We have hunted on him.  We have hauled him and we have been roping the hot heels on him.  He is a multipurpose gelding that is fun to ride.  He goes fast or slow, soft in the face, will side pass willingly.  You can move his hips wherever you want.  He pivots correctly.  He is very broke and a very nice horse.  He is very gentle and very fun to ride.  He is sound.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA42 2011 AQHA Gray Gelding x Shi Sugar Roan x Watch Sugar Joe out of Nicki Jo Gal x Goinng Hard Roman.  Nick is a 15.1 hand, good colored dapple gray gelding with black points and black mane and tail.  He is short backed, big hipped and has good bone and foot.  He saddles up gentle and is also gentle to be around.  He rides with a level head, has a good stride and a big stop.  Nick has seen lots of outside miles, goes where pointed, rides alone or in a group.  He is traffic safe.  He is kind, willing and well mannered.  He is roping the hot heels nice.  Sound. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA43
2014 AQHA Gray Stallion x Six Moons Bully x Martha Six Moons out of Go Go Moriah x Mr Eye Opener.  Whitey is a big, strong stallion, good strided, rose gray.  He stands 15.1 hands.  Good foot and good bone.  Whitey is riding around excellent with lots of ability.  He is soft in face, has a good stride, lots of self-carriage.  You can set his body anywhere you ask and has a big stop.  He is gentle, sound.  He is straight legged and correct.  He is started correct and is ready to go on with. We do have him roping the hot heels.  We have also hauled him to new places just to ride around.  He is Future Fortunes eligible.  Good minded.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook or feel free to call 940-765-7177. Coggins.  JA44

2010 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Feature Hank x Frosty Feature out of WS MistySugarOak x PC Ikewood Oaks.  WS Major Feature or "Tank" is a 2010 Palomino gelding that has good feet and bone and is well muscled. Currently has only been used for ranch work but could be a definite arena prospect.Coggins.  JA46

2002 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Wheeling Hickory x Wheeling Peppy out of Wins Vandy Star x Wins Laughing.  Very kind big gelding. Just got him in from spending several years off and he acted like he'd been getting rode the whole time. Back in the day he got picked up on, doctored cattle on, branded on, and did everything else on the ranch. He will have a month of getting back in the game by sale time. Coggins.  JA47
FRED – 2007 GRADE Bay Gelding. Nice little gelding, is no stranger to all the calving season chores. Coggins. JA48 JAY – 2000 GRADE Dun Gelding.  Good, stout, sound big gelding. Gentle and handles time off good. Coggins. JA49 2007 AQHA Bay Gelding x Doctor Racheal x Speed Doctor out of Adequate Silhouette x Olympic Win. Junior is a very nice gelding.  He stands just a little over 15 hands with a good foot and heavy bone.  He has a nice soft one hand neck rein and moves off your leg when asked.  He stands great to get his feet trimmed, loads in the trailer early and is very easy to catch.  He's been used to check and move cows, trail ride and also hauled to many horse shows.  He knows the barrels and is easy to ride.  Junior has a very personable personality and loves to be scratched on.  He's everyone's friend at our barn.  Please call or text me with any questions. 651-666-0080. Coggins.  JA50

LOUIE – 2007 GRADE Bay Gelding. Louie is a very cute gelding and stands 14.3.  He was used as s ranch horse when he was younger.  Last year he was used mostly as a trail horse.  He has a nice one hand neck rein.  Louie is easy to catch, saddles up good every time and is easy to bridle.  For more information please call 651-666-0080. Coggins.  JA51

2006 JC Dar Bay Gelding x Mi Cielo out of Miss Distinction x Distinctive Pro.  Gosidgo is a big ranch used gelding. He's primarily been gathering cows and horses in the badlands but has also done penwork and been used in the stockyards. Gosidgo also has a solid start on the barrel pattern. He's smooth, easy to catch, haul, load, shoe, and bathe. Gosidgo is a nice gelding in his prime with a lot of potential in the arena Fmi 406-230-1906. Coggins.  JA53


Authentic Beaded Moccasins

Blue Ones Came Off Standing Rock Years Ago

Brain Tanned

Large Old Bell

Authentic Beaded Moccasins

Cree Made Baby Slippers

Leather Memory Book of Yellowstone Park filled with photos including bears being fed at the dump surronded by vehicles.

Leather Memory Book of Yellowstone Park filled with photos including bears being fed at the dump surronded by vehicles.

Leather Memory Book of Yellowstone Park filled with photos including bears being fed at the dump surronded by vehicles.

Breast Collar

Dancing Bells

Beaded Gloves

Headstall and Rawhide Hobbles

  DAKOTA-2008 GRADE Bay Gelding. Dakota has been ridden many miles on the ranch. He's easy going but all business when it comes to doing a job. Dakota has been pasture roped and doctored on, moved cows, drug calves to the fire etc. He’s started out of the box on slow calves and has a big stop. FMI 406-230-1906. Coggins. JA55

2000 AQHA Bay Stallion x Mr Frosty Dry x Dry Doc out of Peponita Smoky x Peponita. He is a gentle, easy to handle stud that produces great using geldings.  He is broke to ride and was shown in working cow horse when he was younger.  Catch him anywhere and jump on him bareback.   He can be hand or pasture bred and runs with the geldings in the winter.   We bred 15 mares to him last year.  If you have a small group of mares to breed he would be fit the bill.  Very nice horse.  No problems.  FMI 406-230-1906. JA56

2009 AQHA Gray Gelding x No Brakes Now x The Signature out of Mi Native Dance x Charge Jet To. "Titan" is a big reliable been there done that ranch horse. He's an absolute gentleman we've used for years. He's been rode in rough country and knows where to put his feet. Titan has been roped off of extensively, sorted in the corrals, been used to gather cows and horses. Titan has a lot of potential to make a rope horse or barrel horse. He hauls well, easy to catch, load, shoe, bath. FMI 406-230-1906 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv_mE-YSQtg Coggins. JA57 CAMI- 2011 GRADE Sorrel & White Mare. 6 yr. old paint mare 14.3 hands Tall nice trail horse safe for about anyone. Cami has been used on trails she has gone to many sortings, herded cows, pulls inner tubes with the kids on them, and has been pasture roped on, from beginners to advance riders. She will do anything ask of her, rides with others or alone. Crosses dead fall and water with ease, calm and collective, light in the mouth.  See videos @ www.sixshooterlivestock.com Coggins. JA60

2010 AQHA Bay Mare x Listo Y Dulce x Pobre Dulce out of Saucey Lil Doc x Doc O Dynamite. Rein is a beautiful mare with the right conformation and athletic ability.  She was started late due to no fault of her own. She is not finished, but has a nice start.  She moves off leg pressure, picks up both leads, backs and is soft in the face.  Loads in the trailer and you can rider her bareback.  She has been used on the ranch to move and sort cattle and is kind, gentle and willing.  She's looking for a job. Coggins. JA61

2003 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Cashin The Blues x Judge Cash out of Corners Crescent x Sugar Chex. Big solid gelding covers a lot of country great circle horse.  If you have big pastures he's the horse for you. Coggins. JA62

DAN- 2009 GRADE Bay Gelding. Gelding with excellent conformation.    Dan stands 16 hands, weighs 1200+ pounds, and has great straight legs, a willing attitude, and is ready to go to work.  His age has been vet certified along with his healthy condition.  Dan has been used on the ranch and in the stockyards.   Dan is good to trailer, clip, bath, shoe and saddle.  He takes the bit readily and stands to be mounted.  Dan’s registration papers were lost but his breeding goes back to Freckles Playboy, and Doc Olena out of Texas.  We have started working him on barrels and he would be a great barrel, pole, or team sorting horse.  Dan likes to look over the situation and ensure he does the right thing.  Dan is calm but is not a beginner horse.  He would be better with an intermediate rider that knows what they are doing.  He is not mean or have any vices, but he does need to understand what you are asking of him.  He is a good mover, moves off leg pressure, neck reins, looking for his next job. FMI (801) 558-8867. Coggins. JA63

COWBOY- 2012 GRADE Palomino Gelding. 5 year old grade palomino. From the branding pen to the roping pen this horse has done it all. Super good heel horse. Can also be headed on. Has a nice handle and a good stop. Soft in the mouth. Coggins. JA64

DILLON- 2009 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. He is gentle, trail safe, and sound. Very unique in color, DAPPLE BUCKSKIN, don't miss him! FMI 817-760-1097. Coggins. JA68

CANDY- 2012 GRADE Palomino Mare. Good feet. Broke, steps out nice. 4H prospect.  Fancy looking well balanced put together mare.  Been behind cows. Followed heel o matic.  Patterned in barrels. Goes all day. Can pack up to small adult all day.  Has been roped on. Coggins. JA69

CARL- 2010 GRADE Buckskin & White Paint Gelding. Carl is a 7 yr old paint gelding that's has tons of miles on the trails and is as gentle as they come. He would fit about most riders and would make an excellent addition to anyone's family. For more info call 701-331-2483. Coggins. JA70

BUCK- 2012 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Buck is a very nice gelding with lots of shape and potential, he has been lightly patterned on the barrels and has done some light ranch work. He sells on application as a Frenchmans guy. Very nice prospect and is ready to go in any direction. For more info call 701-331-2483. Coggins. JA71

MOLLY- 2011 GRADE Bay Mare. Molly is a handy little sized mare with a lot of potential to be a nice youth or family horse. For more info call 701-331-2483. Coggins. JA72

POPS- 2004 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Pops is very reliable broke gelding that would make a great dude, beginners, trail or just family horse. Quiet and gentle. For more info call 701-331-2483. Coggins. JA73

BIG BURT- 2003 GRADE Black Gelding. Burt is a big solid ranch horse that has been in the Nebraska sand hills all of his life.  Good to shoe and load.  A smooth mover for his size.  He is selling sound. FMI (308) 660-4233. Coggins. JA75

2014 AQHA Brown Gelding x Docs Sugar Baby Bee x Bugs Jaybird Bueno out of Two Eyed Rey Jay Pecan Mill Rey.   I bought this colt when he as a yearling.  We started him last spring.  He is super gentle, and good to shoe.  He does not lose his mind when he can't see four walls.  He has been ridden in the big country.  Selling sound.  Very nice looking gelding with big future. FMI (308) 660-4233. Coggins. JA76