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Text the word Billings to 313131 to receive our latest text notifications

NOTICE: Consignors as of April 1, 2017 all catalog/supplement/open consignment horses including babies being sold on the side are required to have a current EIA (coggins) test. This includes horses from the State of Montana

July 27 & 28

Mid-Summer Special Catalog Sale

Featuring "Cutting & Performance" Horses

FRIDAY - 5 p.m. Cutting Horse Sale Session Horses Preview - BLS Arena - FRESH CATTLE!!

SATURDAY - 8 a.m. Loose horses sell BLS Sale Arena

8:30 a.m. BLS Arena - Cutting Horses Preview followed by Saddle Horse Demonstration finishing up at 11 a.m. with Roping Horses (Weather Permitting)


SUNDAY 8 a.m. Cowboy Church BLS Sale Arena

EXPECTING 500+ Horses

(update is not the actual catalog and does not contain hip/sale numbers)

ROPE, RIDE, RANCH or RECREATE, this sale will have it all
Catalog is open to all classes and will offer arena horses, rope horses,
ranch and using horses, prospects, mares, stallions, ponies, and young stock!

This sale is stuffed FULL of good horses. Come see us.

Call us 406-245-4151 or email us at

2003 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Skirt Chasin Alibi x Sir Alibi out of My Pie Gal x Money Pie. 15 year old gelding used as a backup barrel and pole horse for high school and college rodeos. My daughter’s employment has left her no time to use him. Has 1D potential but will run at whatever speed you want. Is gentle, loves attention and has no buck. Would make nice trail horse. Coggins. Y28 2007 AQHA Bay Gelding x Tivios Smokin Badger x Smokin Buckshot out of TQH Lady T Bars Leo x Doc T Bar. 11 year old Ranch Horse. Mom’s favorite pasture horse and Dad heels on him. All of us have used him during springs work. He likes to step out and travel, very cowy. Coggins. Y27 2016 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Mister Buster Bar x Mr Jack Splash out of Quick Little Socks x Little Lido. Mister is an extremely cute Buckskin gelding that is broke to ride. Mister stands 14.1 hands tall and is very stout. This young gelding was started in the University of Wisconsin River Falls colts in training program. He will lope both ways, is soft in his face, has a desire to stop, and is really wanting to ride off your seat. He is starting to work off the outside rein some as well. Mister has a very natural way of moving, and is dang sure pretty while he is doing it. This young gelding has the foundation, and is ready to go on with in whatever direction you choose. We feel as though this is a very versatile young horse, with a bright future ahead of him. Current on farrier and worming. FMI & video visit or call (507) 272 3571 or (507) 951 7880. Coggins. Y25
OTIS – 2007 GRADE Blanketed Appaloosa Chestnut Gelding.  Otis is a very pretty appaloosa gelding that stands 14.2 hands and is well broke to ride. He is a been there, done that type of gelding with a willing to please attitude. He is a unique appaloosa with a full mane and tail. We bought Otis from an family friend that has owned him the past 4 years. Everyone from the grandkids to the grandpa has ridden Otis around the ranch and on trail rides. Otis was also shown in 4-H and open shows previously. He is a gentleman to groom, saddle, bathe and shoe. Ride him bareback, or double he is always the same. He rides well in the arena where he takes his leads and has a smooth lope. Otis is just the right size and gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. Current on farrier and worming. FMI visit or call (507) 272 3571 or (507) 951 7880. Coggins. Y24 2011 AQHA Gray Mare x Boggies Rip x Boggies Flashy Dell out of Boot Scoottin Dondi x Scoot Lena Bar. Dee Dee is as cute as a button, well broke, and bred in the purple. She is handy sized right at 14.2 hands tall. She has a good hip to her and is stout built. Dee Dee is as gentle as they come, but also handy to have around. She has been ridden just about everywhere, and will go where you point her, in, through, or over any obstacle that may come in her path. Dee Dee is as smooth as glass to ride with a beautiful rocking chair lope, and the cutest jog trot. She is soft in her face and ribcage, has good lope departures, and is loping collected circles. We have been tracking the heel-o-matic, as well has dragging a log with her. We have also used her to check pastures and pairs. This is truly one of those hard to find horses! She is good to bathe, loads well, is good with her feet, and easy to saddle. Dee Dee is a quality mare that is enjoyable to ride and willing to please. Current on farrier and worming. Check out her video @ FMI visit or call (507) 272 3571 or (507) 951 7880. Coggins. Y23 2014 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Boonlight Wilson x Boonlight Dancer out of Fourever Honey x Fourever Four. Wilson is a very pretty roan gelding that is gentle and broke to ride. Wilson stands 15.2 hands tall with substantial foot, bone, and muscle. He is nice to be around and stands well for saddling, bathing, clipping, and trimming. Wilson has been ridden outside to check pastures, and used for trail rides. We have also been riding him in the arena where he is showing a lot of athleticism and talent. He will lope collected circles, and is soft in his face and ribcage. Wilson is stepping over is hocks correctly, and is really wanting to stop underneath himself. We have been tracking the dummy and dragging a log on him as well. He spent a few weeks penning back cattle at a sale barn as a 3 yr old. This is a very nice young gelding that is athletic & big enough for a full time job on the ranch or in the arena. Ropers and barrel racers take a look. Current on farrier and worming. FMI visit or call (507) 272 3571 or (507) 951 7880. Coggins. Y22
2014 AQHA Dun Mare x DunItSmart Gun Smoke x DunItSmart ThisTime out of Mainly Nancy x Mainly Marty. Pistol is a gorgeous 14.3 black-pointed dun mare that is broke to ride. She is straight legged, big hipped, cute headed, and has a beautiful frosted mane & tail. We bought her directly from the lady whom bred, raised, and started her. Pistol has been rode outside checking pairs where she will cross deadfall and water. She has also been rode in the arena where she knows her leads. Pistol is soft in the face and ribcage. She is using her hind end well in her stops and turns. Pistol is an athletic mare whom is willing to please and is bred in the purple. She is gentle to be around and stands well for saddling, bathing, clipping, and shoeing. Pistol is a beautiful mare that has the talent to make a performance horse, and the quality to be a great broodmare when you’re done riding her. Current on farrier and worming. FMI visit or call (507) 272 3571 or (507) 951 7880. Coggins. Y21 HOMBRE – 2011 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Hombre has a lot of get up and go. Has drug calves to the fire, crosses water and will go where you point him. He's easy to get along with and has a nice easy gait. Coggins. Y20 2009 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Sugs Scorpio x Doc’s Sug out of Tina Peppy Bars x Peppy Suzy Prom. Sugar is a very well put together horse that is ready for a job. He was started in the reigning and then used as a ranch horse. Colton had got him in hopes of using him for high school reigning and cow work but just feels he is not finished enough to be competitive, videos and pictures on our Facebook page Kelly Tara Turbiville or call/text 701-440-0207. Coggins. Y2
HANK – 2011 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Hank is a good using horse. He has seen many miles on the ranch. He has been branded on and rode outside checking fence. He is a ranch horse deluxe. He has performed all the chores on the ranch. Rope, ranch or trail wrapped up in a pretty bay roan package. For questions please Matt. 208-550-1571. Coggins. Y19 CHIEF – 2013 GRADE Red Roan Gelding. Chief is a really sweet 5 year old red roan gelding. He has been ridden in every aspect of ranch work including gathering, branding, checking cows, and has been started in the arena. Chief is always eager to please and a pleasure to be around. He would be a great prospect fir art discipline. Chief is guaranteed sound and healthy. For questions please Matt. 208-550-1571. Coggins. Y18 FLINT – 2011 GRADE Gray Gelding. Flint has been trail ridden a lot. Flint goes where you point him and is easy to get along with. Flint moves out nicely, and walks easily on a loose rein. He has been used in the feedlot, on the ranch moving cattle, branding, and doctoring outside. Lopes nice circles in the arena. He is an all-around nice horse. He is willing to do just about anything! Call Matt with questions. 208-550-1571. Coggins. Y17
SPUD – 2010 GRADE Chocolate Palomino Pony Gelding. Spud is a kids dream come true! He is 13 hands tall and is 8 years old. He is GENTLE to be around and ride! He is very willing to do anything you ask of her- bridges, water, logs, cattle, trail ride or just let him stand in the backyard and know he will not buck the grandkids off when they come visit. Spud has been to countless play days and 4H events. He is super easy to catch and has a very loving personality. He will pack your little ones anywhere you want to go. He is completely sound and healthy. Call Matt for questions. 208-550-1571. Coggins. Y16 GUS – 2006 GRADE Blue Roan Gelding. 12 year old ranch gelding that has been used for everything on the ranch, drug calves to the fire and has cattle doctored on him out in the pasture. A real nice ranch gelding that we've also headed a few steers on in the arena. Coggins. Y15 BENNY – 2011 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Benny is a 7 year old stout 14H sorrel QH gelding. He has been ridden by my 12 year old for the past 3 years. He is a great trail horse, arena horse, playday horse, and has been used to push cows as well. He has a big motor and can go all day. Loads, stands for farrier, ties, clips, and bathes. Current on farrier, vaccines, and worming (806) 201-2334. Coggins. Y14
PEEWEE – 2006 GRADE Buckskin Quarter Pony Gelding. Attention ropers and goat tyers: If you are looking for an honest Quarter pony that has seen and done it all, PeeWee is the ONE for you! PeeWee is a 12-year-old gelding owned and ridden by Teagen Binder for the last 4 years. Together, they have won the Wyoming Junior High School Rodeo Association Boy's Goat Tying Title and finished 11th in the nation at the NJHFR in this event. He is also an amazing breakaway horse, and has competed in both events at Little Britches Finals, as well as been heeled off of. PeeWee absolutely loves his job, whether ranching, in the rodeo arena, or in the halter, trail, and working cowhorse classes at 4-H shows. At only 13.2 hands, he still outpaces and outworks big horses and has a Quarter Horse mentality and heart. If you are looking for a horse to propel your kids to greatness in the rodeo arena, PeeWee is the pony for the job! Pictures and videos of PeeWee are available on Kristie Binder’s Facebook page; for more information, please contact Doug Binder at 970-467-0444! Coggins. Y13 MAGPIE – 2012 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding.  Magpie is a very nice, 5 year old, very gentle, gelding.  New shoes, loads great, catch anywhere.  Traffic safe, has crossed Rock Creek several times so he is not afraid of water.  Would make a great trail, dude, or ranch horse.  Very easy on the eyes.  406-591-4749. Coggins. Y12 2008 AQHA Bay Gelding x Dualin With Cows x Dualin Gun out of Ms Lucky Lena x Gay Bar Lena. This is one of those all-around geldings that is good at everything on the ranch.  Doctored outside, real good in the branding trap, good outside in any terrain.  Does not get lonely when off by himself.  Saddles up good and rides off nice.  Good, all around horse. Good to shoe and never have had any soundness issues.  Call for more information 208-599-3611.  Coggins. Y11
MITCHEL – 2009 GRADE Red Roan Gelding. Mitchel is a real tough ranch horse. He has been used outside in the rough country. He handles steep ground with easy, and pays attention to where he puts his feet. He is a finished ranch horse that has had all the jobs done on him. Branding, doctoring, sorting. For more information please call 208-550-0992. Coggins. Y10 2014 AQHA Bay Gelding x Kings Got Go Man Go x Kid Lasso out of La Bumbas Miss Rumba x Kaedan La Bumba. He stands 15 hands , has had about a year of riding , three months roping training has been to brandings and drug calves to the fire , ropes the heal-o-magic, been out in the trail. Coggins. Y1


CUTTING SESSION – PAPITO MI REY – 2015 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Dual Rey x Dual Pep out of Sly Playgirl x That Sly Cat. This is a sound 3 year old gelding. On cattle 5 months and ready to finish your way. Owned by the Florida Horse Ranch, Sandy Semanik. In training with Zane Davis. 208-971-2895. Coggins. YS8


WHISKEYS ROAN MC – 2011 AQHA Gray Gelding x Paddy O Sugar x Paddys Irish Whiskey out of Shaynas Feature Star x Speedy Bar Tom. Whiskey comes from a ranching background. He is 15.2 hands and will weigh 1200lbs.  He has had lots of outside cattle on him. He is very quiet and gentle to be around. He has a good start in the arena on the heading side. He is good to clip, bathe and haul. This gelding has a big foot and bone, he is very pretty and made the right way. He is currently in training with Paul Grimesman 605 484 7117. Coggins. YS7


SILVER SMART LENA – 2003 AQHA Gray Mare x Ill Be Smart x Doc O’Lena out of Sugs Rambling Benito x Sugs Chita. Own daughter of I'll Be Smart. Very gentle mare! Very easy to catch, load and handle. I bought her a couple years ago here at BLS to breed to my old stud. He died over the winter and she is my last broodmare to find a home. I don't know if she's broke to ride. She is open and ready to breed. She has had foals in the past. 406-868-4233. Coggins. YS6


GENUINE COWBOYS – 2011 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Genuine Dual Chrome x Dualing Peppers out of Dixie Holly Bars x Dixie Floyd. Platinum is a seven-year-old AQHA Palomino gelding. He stands 15 hands tall with big time muscle and bone. He is as wide as he is tall wears a size one shoe cinches real deep and will rides around like a reiner with a big stop and nice turn arounds. Platinum is quick footed and double tuff. He has been used to doctor yearlings and to gather and ride outside. This eye catcher is ready to take you any direction you want to go. Call or text Chace for videos, questions and more pictures 208-705-6540. Coggins. YS15


CUTTING SESSION – SMOKE N CATT – 2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Sophisticated Catt x High Brow Cat out of A Smoke N Tivio x Smoken Peppys Sam. Honest, gentle and ready to go in any direction!  Smoke has had 18 months of cutting training, has been used for many phases of ranch work and for trail riding.  He is very soft in the face, lopes nice circles both directions, stops hard and can come right back through himself.  Smoke is very level headed, rides nice outside the arena and is extremely easy to be around.  This versatile gelding will excel in the arena or on the ranch. Sound and gentle. For more info call 320-905-3914. Coggins. YS14


CUTTING SESSION – BLYND FAITH – 2016 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Metallic Cat x High Brow Cat out of Takes Alotta Faith x Kit Dual. Faith is a fancy daughter of the hottest cowhorse sire in the industry!  She is on track for the 2019 futurities.  Faith has enough size and eye appeal to go many directions in the cowhorse events. Sound, for more info call 320-905-3914. Coggins. YS13


CUTTING SESSION - NOW DO YOU SEE ME – 2015 AQHA Bay Gelding x Boon Too Suen x Peptoboonsmal out of Cat O Connor x High Brow Cat. Stix is a super star in a small package!  He is short backed, cute headed and has a long mane and tail.  Stix has had a full year of cutting training with Rose Valley Ranch.  He is soft in his face, lopes nice circles both directions, can read and rate a cow, stops hard in the ground and is very willing to please.  Stix is a dynamite cowhorse prospect who will excel in the arena.  Sound and gentle, for more info call 320-905-3914. Coggins. YS12


CUTTING SESSION – LITTLE DRUNK DANCER – 2016 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Metallic Cat x High Brow Cat out of Little Exotic Dancer x Smart Little Lena. Beautiful 2 year old gelding by the hottest sire in the cow horse industry!  This fancy gelding is on track for the 2019 futurities, he has had six full months of cutting training.  With his talent and athleticism he will excel in all cowhorse events.  Eligible for the NCHA Superstakes and NRCHA Stakes Eligible. Sound, for more info call 320-905-3914. Coggins. YS11


REEBOKAS LAST JOKE - 2010 AQHA Bay Gelding x Dun Played A Joke x Joker Solano out of Reeboka x Kaliman. Joker is a cute, handy sized gelding standing right at 14.2HH. He is quiet & gentle, loves attention, and has the best manors. Joker has had extensive reining training as a youngster, and has been lightly shown in some open and 4H shows. He would make an excellent ranch riding horse, or tune him back up in the reining! He has his NRHA license. Joker has been trail rode many miles, goes where he is pointed without any fuss, not spooky or flighty, and is sure footed. Many different levels of riders have rode Joker, he is very forgiving and tolerant. He doesn’t get excited about much of anything, low headed and easy going. One hand broke, responsive, and easy to maneuver. Can sit for long periods of time and ride off with no hassle. Does not require lunging or any special procedures, he’s the get on and go type of guy. Sound with no maintenance required. Current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. YS10


2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Rimmfire x Brimmerton out of HCR Peppy Golden Bar x Mr San Cuatro. Sledge is a 6 year old gelding that I raised, and has been used for all aspects of ranch work and heeled on team roping. He has a very nice handle on him and will watch a cow. In the bridle, changes leads and can drag his butt!!! He is a very nice gelding and would make a nice all round horse. Please call for more information 801-391-3208. Coggins. YC2

COWBOY – 2006 GRADE Red Roan Pony Gelding. Cowboy is the perfect pony for your child. We have used him inside and outside for teaching our kids rodeo. He has taken a young girl to the next level and is just sitting at our ranch! I have video of her running barrels and poles. This pony would also be good for teaching general horsemanship. He is not a reigning horse but just a good solid using pony. FMI 307-899-5403.  video available upon request. Coggins. Y99 2010 AQHA Black Gelding x Ciders Frostwood x Ciderwood out of Smart Little PC x Smart Little Loper. Cider is a tough horse with lots of ability. We have started him in the team roping and roped about 100 head of steers on him in the feedlot. He has a fantastic stop and will ride up in the bridle. He has speed to go on in the roping areana or would be a great trail riding horse. He has crossed water and bridges as well as city streets and irrigation ditches. I find him tough to shoe but not the worst I’ve ever done. He will stand to bath and clip and he sells sound. FMI call 307-899-5403 videos available upon request. Coggins. Y98 ROCKY – 2007 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Eleven year old ranch gelding. Great in mountains for trail riding, hunting, gathering cattle. Has spent a lot of time around cattle but is not a rope horse. Big hip, nice conformation and feet. Will go anywhere you point him and travels alone. Easy to shoe and haul. (208) 539-6550. Coggins. Y96
BLUE SAGE – 2012 GRADE Blue Roan Gelding. Six year old ranch gelding. Green broke has been roped on in and out of arena. Great eye appeal, conformation, and feet. Easy to shoe and haul. (208) 539-6550 Coggins. Y95

2013 APHA Sorrel Solid Gelding x Smart Lil Ruby x Smart Little Lena out of ColonelReys Brigalena x Colonel Rey Lena. Chester is a solid made 5 yr old that displays his breeding in everything he does. He is athletic and willing to please. He has seen a lot of miles and we have just started roping on him outside. He is young horse with a bright future. Coggins. Y94

WALLY – 2004 GRADE Black Gelding. Walls has lead pack strings in the mountains during fishing trips and fall hunting. We have used him to calve and doctor cattle.  He has a big motor that t likes to cover country and is very gentle to be around.  15.3 hands. 406-672-5400. Coggins. Y93

STITCH – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Stitch is one cool little horse. We have used him everywhere and he is always a favorite. We have roped lots of cattle on him outside, drug calves to the fire and sorted pairs. Whatever the job, stitch is the horse. He has a great handle and a nice way of covering country. (307) 645-3149. Coggins. Y92 GHOST – 2012 GRADE Gray Gelding. Ghost is a nice thick made Grade Grey Gelding. He is 6 yrs old and stands a stout 14.1 hands tall. Ghost is solid and sound and can carry just about anyone all day long. Ghost is easy to catch and will saddle up and ride off with no hump or buck. He’s nice and soft and flexes well. Ghost moves well off leg pressure and has a nice neck rein. He has been exposed to some pasture and break-away roping. Ghost is a good hand when it comes to checking and moving cows. Ghost has been used for pleasure riding and up in the rough country. He is best suited for an intermediate rider. He loads, shoes, and hauls with no problems. Ghost is a nice gelding to be around. For more information please contact Trevor @ 208-351-2863 or Tayla @ 208-821-2351.Coggins. Y91 2004 AQHA Dun Gelding x DNB Diamond Rio x Berts Valentino out of Miss Tea Image x Mr Ts Image. Nothing bothers this big dead broke gelding. Goes where ever you point him whether through creeks or over tarps. You can put whatever you want on him including a tarp over his head. He's the same every time you saddle him up. Loves attention, easy to be around, will stand tied all day, doesn't pick on other horses, no cribbing, pawing or bad habits of any kind. Easy to catch anywhere, practically puts the halter on himself. Always ready to go. Have worked cattle on him and rode him in the hills. I've owned him for 7 years since he was 7 years old and he's never taken a lame step since I've owned him. Heavy boned and large size 2 hoof.  15.2 hands 1200 lbs. He is light in the mouth and responds to both neck reining and leg pressure.  Easily open and close gates on him.  He doesn't mind a rope at all.  There's nothing I've come across that spooks him.  Doesn't mind gunfire, and just looks at sage grouse, elk and deer when they pop out.  Please see the video of him on YouTube at (406) 595-3377 Coggins. Y90
GUS – 2005 GRADE Sorrel Tennessee Walker Gelding. Gus is a very smooth gaited, mountain seasoned trail horse. He is hugely built and 15.2 hands. This horse can carry a big guy and never get tired. Last year they put 600 mountain miles on him and he was solid and well behaved, crossing deadfall, water, mud and standing while they chainsawed deadfall. He is used to being hauled and loads and stands tied like a gem. Great for the farrier. Coggins. Y89 2012 KMSHA Blue Roan Mare x Triple R Pride x Fairwinds Remington West out of Pollyanna x Missions Blue Cappucino. Nala is a wonderful gaited mare that was raised out of our stock. She is certified in gait and conformation with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association. She has been trail ridden her whole life and only had one other owner besides me. Nala loves attention and can be caught anywhere. She has a calm, sweet and mellow disposition and crosses water and bridges. She trailer loads well and is good for the farrier. She is 15 hands with big feet and good bone. She will stand tied calmly all day. I have lots of video of her as a three year old and current video that you can see on my website at Coggins. Y88 2011 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x JBar Plenty Blu Leo x Plenty Blue Bonnet out of Nu Angel x Buckskin Nu Bar. Jay is a very nice, good looking gelding.  He has a great color and an awesome disposition to back it up. He is very gentle and good to be around.  He has been used for all aspects of ranch work.  Jay is ready to go to work or enjoy for pleasure.  Don't miss out on checking out this gelding.  Coggins. Y87
FLEX – 2014 GRADE Black Draft Cross Gelding. Flex is a very gentle draft cross gelding.  He has been trail ridden and used on our ranch.  He is big and stout.  He would make a great dude horse, trail horse, or can continue to be used as a ranch horse. Coggins. Y86 HOSS – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Big, stout, good looking gelding.  This is a very gentle gelding that you can do anything on.  He has been used at the rodeos to pick up bucking horses, rope bulls, pack flags, and has been used in parades.  He has been used on our ranch.  This is a very nice gelding that will get any job done for you.  Y85 FINN – 2010 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Finn is a ranch used gelding.  He has been used for all aspects of ranch work as well as being used as a trail horse.  He is very gentle and sound.  Finn has a great eye catching palomino color.  He is ready to go to work. Coggins. Y84

LARRY – 2008 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Larry is a 10 year old ranch used gelding.  He has been used for many aspects of ranch work including branding and gathering in big hill country.  He has also been used on feedlots and used to pick up bucking horses at rodeos.  Larry is sound and good to get a days work done on. Coggins. Y83

2013 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x Blue Tank x WYO Blue Valentine out of Rosies Adoc x Melanies Doc Boy. Barry is a really nice, ranch used gelding.  We have raised him and started him ourselves.  This is a great young horse that can go in any direction that you would like to take him.  He is sound, gentle, and ready to go to work.  He travels well in rough, steep country.  He has been used to brand and doctor on the ranch, as well as being used at rodeos. Coggins. Y82 2013 AQHA Black Gelding x Cool Renegade x River City Renegade out of Pinewoods Black Jag x Basics San Tango. Kid is a 2013 Black Gelding he stands 15.1 hands tall and has a lot shape, nice handle and a super bright future. He has been used to pull a calf sled, knows his leads, will spin, and has a nice stop. He has also been ridden a lot of miles down the trail. Kid is at the perfect age to take you any direction you want to go. Call or text for more info, pictures and video. Chace 208-705-6540. Coggins. Y81
2005 AQHA Bay Gelding x Culoo x Madonnas Blue Bee out of Peppy D Fritz x Mr Peppy Doc. Joey stands 15.3 hands and is a big good looking bay gelding. He was bred, raised and broke by the 2001 AQHA Remuda award winners Van Norman Ranches out of Tuscarora, Nevada. This gelding can absolutely do anything that is asked of him. He rides straight up in the bridle and is BROKE BROKE!  One does not have to chase him around for a hour to catch him. He will come find you. He does NOT need "topped off". You saddle this big gelding, turn him around and get on and go. He is sound and used in all phases of ranch work. Finished heading horse or go for a leisurely trail ride on one of the best looking geldings around. He is guaranteed as represented.  One highlight of the many he carries; it doesn’t matter how tight or short an alleyway is, he rocks at loading cattle on trucks! Big time traveler out in the hills. Buy this gelding with confidence. His kind aren’t for sale too often. Call me with any questions 406 861 1234. Coggins. Y80 COCOA – 2009 GRADE Brown & White Quarter Pony Gelding. Cocoa stands 14.2 hands and is built the right way! This guy is BROKE!! He has a snappy turn around and has been on the same ranch his entire life. A one owner horse that is sound and ready to ride. Cocoa has been behind alot of cattle and on trail rides. He is for an intermediate rider that can appreciate how he rides. Catch him anywhere. Saddle and go. Great manners and is an honest using horse. Coggins. Y79 COLTER – 2008 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Reliable and honest is how I would describe Colter. He has been a 6 day a week guide horse for the last 3 years. If you’re looking for a stout, 15.1 hands 1200 lbs, gelding that will take you anywhere out in the hills and in the mountains hunting, then this is your horse. He is good to use in all the ranch work too. He rides with an easy neck rein, sidepass, and a good handle. Colter has also been used as a head horse at the local rodeo's.  Willingly goes to work and will ride out alone. No vices or surprises when you get home. Video on Youtube & FB under Yeaman Ranch prior to the sale. 208-360-6912. Coggins. Y78
2009 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Gata Shining Star x Shining Freckle out of Playboys Reward Too x Powder River Playboy. Take a second look, Tex is a pretty, safe, and kind using gelding.  He is very well broke and always ready to go to work. He has been shown by several youth riders and is good in the arena and is sure-footed on the trails and steep mountain terrain.  If you are looking for a gelding that you can take to a team sorting, 4H, or finish as a heel horse, Tex is your kind of ride. He is soft in the bridle, side pass, roll backs, leads, good flex and a soft smooth lope. If you ride everyday or twice a month he will be safe and ready to go when you are. 14.2 hands and NO vices and sound.  Good to shoe, load, haul, clip and bathe.  Video will be under Yeaman Ranch on Youtube and FB.  208-360-6912. Coggins. Y77 2004 AQHA Gray Mare x Wranglers Doctor x Doc’s Wrangler out of Clarks Barbie Doll x Clark’s Doc Bar. Nice built mare.  14.3 hands.  Been in the hills, used to gather and move cattle. Crosses water, no known issues. This mare will go all day. Coggins. Y76 GERONIMO – 2004 GRADE Palomino Paint Gelding. Geronimo is a 14.3 hands tall 14 year old grade gelding that has been ranched on and used extensively for Forest Service allotment inspections. He has drug calves at branding and roped outside.  Would be a great team roping candidate. Super broke and gentle with a soft handle.  Will open any gate in the yards.  He’s the first one to greet you at the gate and is easy to load shoe and bathe.  Been around kids, dogs, sheep, goats, and anything else you could think of.  A friend for the whole family with a ton of color to boot. 406-740-2399. Coggins. Y75
2014 AQHA Black Mare x Lenas Cee Boonsmal x Peptoboonsmal out of Highbrows Quejanna x Quejanaisalena. Well started mare. Has been used on the ranch gathering cattle. Rides outside really well.  Really sure footed. (406) 853-4280. Coggins. Y74 2013 AQHA Bay Gelding x Topsail Sun Deck x Topsail Tony out of Iddy Bit A Hancock x Codys Royal Cisco. Super nice dark bay gelding that you want to take a close look at. He has been used for ranch work, and has been tracking steers and heeling in the arena. He crosses water like the Tongue River with no problems. There has been several young teenage kids riding this nice colt. He can go to the arena or the hills on him with ease. Don’t miss him. Y73 2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Zipz Zachary x Pretty Classy Zip out of Bunny Sorrel Class x Missile Bunny. A big, stout, friendly, ranch gelding, that is ready to go to work for you. He has drug calves to the fire. Was used to rope horses, and has done some roping in the arena as well. You can open and close gates on him, he'll cross water and he likes people. Take a good look. Coggins. Y72
2009 AQHA Brown Gelding x Midnight Corona x Mr Jess Perry out of Mackays Plain Jane x First Down Money. Charley is a gentle giant standing at 16 hands tall and fancy broke!  He has a huge motor and will go all day.  He's bred to run and make an exceptional 1D barrel horse.  He's been ranched on, started both in heading and the barrels.  Easy as they come anybody can ride this horse.  Never offered to buck or spook at anything. Will cross water, the whole works!  Super nice horse for the whole family to ride. Charley is UTD on everything.  For more information please call Tara 406-633-5754. Coggins. Y71 CRACKER – 1997 GRADE Gray Gelding. Cracker is a 21 year old finished head horse, scores like a rock, don't let his age fool you he still has a ton of run. Been rode outside a lot moving cows and branded on. Gentle enough anyone can ride, leave him turned out and get him back in and he is the same horse as when you turned him out. Please call for more information 801-391-3208. Coggins. Y70 2011 APHA Dun Solid Gelding x Serengeti Two Eyed x Two Eyed Red Buck out of Mexicali Rosa x Jose Domingo. Sundance is a good looking, rich colored golden buckskin gelding. He has been trail rode many miles and is riding nice in the arena as well. Bends at the poll, moves off leg pressure, knows his leads, has a good handle, and goes where you point him outdoors. Prime aged gelding that is ready to go in any direction you choose to take him. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y69
2011 AQHA Gray Gelding x Smokey Ppoco Manzana x Punk Manzan out oof Dulses Blanca x Docs Dulse Bars. Smokey is a thick made dark gray gelding in the prime of his life. He’s handy as you could ask out of a ranch horse, good foot and bone, and built to last. He’ll lope around smooth in the arena, moves off leg pressure, and has been logged. Ready to head to the pasture and go to work. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y68 2010 AQHA Bay Gelding x Pick Play x Freckles Playboy out of Dualin Corona x Dualin Gun. Dually is a shapely, high bred gelding in the prime of his life. He’s an own son of Pick Play out of a daughter of Dualin Gun. He’s been used for a little bit of everything and is real handy. Outstanding rope horse prospect that you can take and use on the ranch. Dually will lope collected circles, has drug the log, and is handy broke to ride.  Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y67 2015 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x PearlHandled Shooter x Shooting From Memory out of Hombres Lovely Lora x Jacks Red Hombre. Smiley is a very attractive, shapely young gelding with a bright future. He’s riding quite well both in and out of the arena. He lopes cadence circles, soft in his face and ribcage, and rides off your seat. We’ve drug the log off of him and had him over all of the trail obstacles, he handles it all with ease. Smiley should make an outstanding rope or ranch horse in due time, his pedigree is a great cross of the cow and Pitzer Ranch bloodlines. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y66
2010 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x CRR Hurricane Cat x Cats Rhett out of Pretty Gal Sparky x Sparkle Brian. Sparky is a big boned, heavy made ranch style gelding that’s capable of any job on the ranch. He has a great handle, lopes out of his tracks, and can stop real well for a big horse. We’ve been logging him and getting him ready for the roping pen, and with the way his sire is bred he should take to it real easy. Sparky was used at a feed yard before us, will work a gate, and has trailed lots of cattle. He’s also been rode out in the pasture and down the road. Use him for your ranch chores all week and take him to the arena on the weekends. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y65 2013 AQHA Gray Gelding x Aledos Blue Buddy x Aledo Bar Glo out of Pigeon Creek Chip x Pigeon Creek Fancy. Buddy is a super kind, friendly gelding standing right around 14.2 hands high. He has been ridden a million miles out on the trails and over all sorts of obstacles from tarps to water to downfall trees. He’s been rode out through the cattle checking pairs and not much excites him. Buddy is extra cute with his dapple gray color, his handy size, lots of shape, and charming personality. We don’t think you can ride him wrong, he’s never been humpy or flighty, and is very forgiving. He’s a prime aged gelding that will stay gentle his whole life. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info find us on Facebook at Schmitt Horse Ranch or go to Coggins. Y64
2007 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Real Gun x Playgun out of Seven S Sparketta x Shining Spark. Doctoring, sorting, branding, and gathering, this handy ranch gelding has done it all. He can cover a ton of country with his ground eating walk and catch anything with his impressive speed. He is light in the bridle and quick on his feet. We have started him out of the head box where his power and speed prove his potential. (406) 395-4840. Coggins. Y62
2007 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Drifting Rocket Leo x Mr Rocket Leo out of NLD Jodie Woodcock x War Train. Pineapple is an 11 year old gelding that has done it all. He is 15 hands and very well built. This gelding is gentle. He stands great to be saddled and has outstanding ground manners. He is a horse you don’t have to chase around for a hour to catch and rides off quiet everytime. Pineapple has been used all over the ranch, crosses water and not too much bothers him.  This gelding has also been used right here at BLS at the cattle sales to yard back on and gets right after cattle!! We have also given a few lessons on the gentle dude. He is 100% solid and sound. Come check him out at the previews. (406) 861-1234. Coggins. Y61 2008 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Timber Cat 101 x Doc’s Hickory out of Joses Bar Queen x Playboy Jose. Been there done that gelding. Hauled to all kinds of jackpots, rodeo’s etc as a heel horse and been headed on as well. Rope as many as you want, solid in the box, no issues. Go doctor cattle outside all day, tie them down, drop your reins, he’ll stand there. Put anyone on him and he will take care of them. Sound and ready to win on. Coggins. Y60 2011 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Shining Spark Two x Shiners Badger Lena out of Royal Poco Jane x Royal Lena Peppy. Sparky has it all going for him. Looks, color, pedigree and ability. Exstensive ranch work, doctored lots outside. Started in the arena on both ends. Ready to go any direction you desire. Lots of cow and fancy looking. Sound. Coggins. Y59
VIRGIL – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Virgil is a stout 5 year old Grade Ranch Gelding, with a blazed face and 4 white legs. He’s been used extensively on the ranch and the sale barn. Open and close gates, sort! He’ll hold a cow, drag calves to the fire, moves cows. Loads, bathes and hauls nice! Has been in big country and will cover it! Take him in any direction, he’s ready to go! Coggins. Y58 NEWT – 2014 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Newt is a 4 year old Grade Ranch Gelding, with a blazed face and two white stockings. Used extensively on the Ranch and at the Sale Barn. He’ll really watch a cow! From doctoring in the pasture, dragging calves to the fire, moving cows’ and sorting, pairing out he won’t quit ya! Tie off on him, open and close gates, bathe him! Use him all day, he’ll be ready to go the next, hauls well! He has a nice stop on him, and could potentially be a nice heel horse with the proper training! Don’t pass this guy up! Coggins. Y57 SMOKEY – 2008 GRADE Liver Chestnut Gelding. Smokey is a very cute gelding with unique color and a friendly personality. He has been used as a trail horse. He's very gentle on the ground, will meet you at the gate, stands tied, good for the farrier. 14.3 hands, stout and built to last. He would be a nice addition to anyone's program. Visit for more video and pictures or call 208-880-0325. Coggins. Y56
BRIDGER – 2011 GRADE Bay Gelding. Good looking bay gelding Solid made, 15.1 hands, big hip, big boned and great feet. This horse was consigned and sold by Rocky Mountain Outfitters at the Salmon, Idaho sale this past spring. Owners need to downsize so he's coming to Billings. Call 208 891 9363 for videos, information and more pictures or visit Coggins. Y55 TUCKER – 2012 GRADE Sorrel/White Blanket Appaloosa Gelding. Tucker is a 16 hand, colorful and correct Appaloosa gelding with a long mane and tail and a good start riding. He is naturally quiet and not spooky. He has a comfortable, ground-covering gait that you can ride all day. He has been ridden western and English. Excellent bone and feet, he goes barefoot. He was purchased for a young rider and he is too big and too green so he's coming to the sale. Visit for more video and pictures or call 208-880-0325. Coggins. Y54 NOCONA – 2008 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Nocona is an experienced and dependable ranch horse. He has a big motor and a big heart. He is well started heading and heeling and could be finished with a few more runs. He is a go all day mountain horse, hobble broke, crosses dead fall and water, and he is the best pack animal I have ever owned. He has been used extensively in the back country. We have packed lots of game on him and he is awesome. Visit for more video and pictures or call 208-880-0325. Coggins. Y53
2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Hes Lucky Bottom x Lucky Star Mac out of Ms Daisy Star x Mr Star PatFlashy, friendly, get it done gelding! Lucky does all the ranch chores, he is great on the trail, spent last fall in hunting camp and has been hauled extensively roping. Lucky has drug lots of calves to the fire and knows his way up and down the mountain. He has been shown in stock horse classes and team sorting.  Ranch broke and raised, carrying the hard working and dependable blood of Oklahoma Star.  Easy to be around and, at 14.1 hands easy to get on! Nice walk, and the heart to travel all day. Visit for more video and pictures or call 208-880-0325 for more information. Coggins. Y52 2004 AQHA Bay Mare x Mach Dude In Command x A Real Gold Mine out of Silent Prestige x Quincy Prestige. Fiona was raised here at the farm. She stands a stout 15 hands. Both her sire and dam are from the Anne Davies breeding program in Chinook Mt. She had 3 months professional training as a two year old from Bill Campbell. Since then we have rode her in the mountains hunting and packed elk with her. You can leave her in the pasture for a year or two then the kids jump on her and take her for a ride. Stays broke! She is easy to catch, load and trim feet. I have more pictures of her with our kids ridding her if you’re interested just call or text me 406-868-4233. Coggins. Y42 BUTCH – 2014 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Butch is a 4 year old grade gelding I started in April and now has 90 days on him. He has been ridden all spring exclusively on the ranch. He opens and closes gates, has drug many calves to the fire, doctored yearlings out in the open, and been rode lots of miles. He picks up all 4 feet, has a good disposition, and catches good. He has a solid start and would make a good mount for any intermediate rider. (408) 749-0106 Coggins. Y41
2009 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Frenchmans Star x Frenchmans Guy out of Steamy Sugar Doll x Mr Showdown Sugar. Sugar has been used on the ranch checking cow and calve , doctoring calves, roped off of in the branding corral . Sugar is a good all round ranch horse with lots of go. Coggins. Y40 2007 APHA Grullo Solid Gelding x Grey Stone x Easy Bucks out of Flashy Leo Barnes x Flashy Chips Jack. Flash has been my go to horse, roped off him outside and in branding corral etc. Flash trims and shoes great easy to catch loads and hauls great. Coggins. Y39 ARNOLD – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Arnold has been used on a cow calf ranch, I have roped nod doctored calves outside and drug calves in the branding corral. Travels really smooth, easy to catch outside. Shoes easy, loads and hauls really good. Coggins. Y38

WATSON – 2012 GRADE Black Gelding. Watson is a big haft draft that aims to please every time. He is coal black without a white hair on him. Been used in the mountains moving cows, been on trails, drug calves to the fire, he also has been driven. He can step out and cover some country. 16.3 hands and weighs 1500lbs. Coggins. Y37

RATCHET – 2004 GRADE Black & White Paint Pony Mare. Ratchet is 14 years old and 14 hand very shapey black and white pony mare!  She has been shown in 4H halter and trails.  She been ridden on the farm. Ratchet is very safe and sound. 319 389 0441. Coggins. Y103 SLOW – 2004 GRADE Flea Bitten Gray Pony Gelding. Slow is an 11 year old gray quarter Pony stands 14 Hands weighs a 1000 lbs. He has been ranched on at the Diamond K. He knows the barrel pattern for the little girls Slow never gets in a hurry for anything he's extremely safe! Works a rope very well, lot of heart, sound, no vices! Awesome little gelding. He is box broke on either side. 319 389 0441. Coggins. Y102
WAR PONY – 2012 GRADE Tri-Colored Pony Gelding. War Pony is a 53 in tri-colored paint gelding. He is 6 years old and has been ridden everywhere by everyone. He is very gentle and easy to catch, loads, hauls and clips perfectly! War Pony is safe enough for a child and big enough for a small adult no spook or buck. He has been rode on very hard trails and swims in the river. Check him out before sale day Videos available 319 389 0441. Coggins. Y101 POSEIDON – 2016 GRADE Black 75% Friesian Stallion. Stands 15 hands. Halter broke and is good with baths.  He has a curious personality and is eager to learn.  With his glossy black coat and wavy mane and tail, he would make a beautiful stud and/or show horse.  Poseidon has been trimmed and is up to date on his shots.  His sire Malin is standing at stud and his dam can be found at Malin at Fantasy Friesians on Facebook 509-779-0800. Coggins. Y100

ROOSTER – 2009 GRADE Bay Gelding. Rooster is a 9 year old bay gelding, this gelding has spent his life on a Texas ranch, really well broke horse with tons of ranch using experience, rope outside cattle has seen tons of country. He is a nice ranch horse. Video - Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y217

2006 POA White Gelding x Ole Drifter Dan x Quinca Bar Jack out of Shesa Shi Princess x Docs Big Time Dude.  Tuxedo is registered poa 12 year old 14 hand gelding. That has been shown in western pleasure, reining and all types of 4H events. We have also used this little horse on our ranch. He is very fun to ride big enough for a full grown adult to ride and gentle enough for a kid.  He is snowball white with a ton of shape and ride. He is for sure one of a kind pony. Traffic safe and trail rode extensively. Video-   Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763 for more videos and photos. Coggins. Y216 CODY – 2007 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Cody is a finished ranch horse that has seen all the jobs. He is as pretty of a buckskin as you can get. He is a stout made gelding that can be your right hand on those long days on the ranch. Cody is broke correctly. He has been ridden in the steep canyon country and holds his footing well. Call 208-550-0992 for more information. Coggins. Y199 2001 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Ginnin Cowboy x Tanquery Gin out of Smokin Misty Jose x Smokin Jose. Misty is a very nice well-built mare. She is gentle, easy to catch, load, etc. She walks out nice, has been shown and used outside on cattle and trails.  She has been ridden by a 15 year old new to riding. 541-561-1676. Coggins. Y198
BALDY – 2008 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Baldy stands 15.1, weighs approx: 1200. Used most all of his life on a ranch in West Texas. Doctored cattle, gathered in rough rocky country, shipped fats at the feedyard as well. He is gentle and safe for intermediate level rider and up. Lopes very nice slow circles in arena correct leaded. Has a good neck rein, stops and backs with ease. Baldy isn’t spooky outside of cow work either. Has been in town settings flagging ropings as well. Easy to shoe, hauls good and stands tied. Coggins. Y174 2008 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Bang For Your Bucks x Young Gun out of Blackburn Cinder x Poco Bueno Doc Bar. Red is 15 hands and gentle, gentle, gentle for all ages. Slow Western pleasure lope, will spin nice both ways, low headset, side passes, takes leads, slides to a stop.  Been used in Western pleasure and reining classes by young riders. Sound, no hump, no buck. Just get on and go. He'll meet you at the gate! Coggins. Y172 PAT – 2003 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Pat is a 15 year old palomino gelding, 14 hands. Excellent mountain horse, good to pack on, been rode in the arena, plum gentle. Good for ranch work, hunting, and fun. Easy to shoe, nice to be around, anyone can get along with this guy. Coggins. Y167
ROOSTER – 2009 GRADE Red Roan Gelding. Rooster is a 9 year old, red roan, gelding. He is gentle, been used in the feedlot, been cowboyed on in tough country, crosses creeks, and will take care of you. Good to be around, easy to catch, will watch a cow.  This big pretty roan can do most anything. Coggins. Y166 2008 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Katos Wise Guy x Frenchmans Buck out of Sandy JayLeo x Pappy JayLeo. Shadow is one awesome horse! Big, strong, good looking gelding.  Lots of power.  Started barrel racing, pole bending, heading and breakaway roping.  Has had minimal hauling, placing locally in the 2D in the barrel racing, and running 21 second poles.  Great start heading, ready to go to a jackpot.  To see more pictures or videos, email me at Coggins. Y165 2012 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Shiners McCue Chex x Shiners Q Chex out of Lady Holly Bonanza x Bonanza Feature Buck. Solid good looking 6 year old ranch horse. Very gentle for anyone and has been started on the heading side, tracks the smarty with no issues. Works good inside and outside of the arena. You can doctor and rope calves. Shoes and hauls very well. Ready to go in any direction. Coggins. Y161

2007 AQHA Dun Gelding x Lonsum Drift 045 x Drifts Chip out of Jessie Jo Juno x Mr Magic Tivio. Woody Is a big stout gelding that's been ranch used and trail rode. He's a nice broke horse. 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y149

JOKER – 2011 GRADE Black Gelding. Really nice gentle quiet horse ropes both ends. Great to be around, handy. Been used extensively and a cow calf operation. Coggins. Y148


CUTTING SESSION – STYLISH TALLICAT – 2015 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Metallic Cat x High Brow Cat out of Style O Bar x Docs Stylish Oak. For more information please call 775-772-9291. Coggins. YS9


CUTTING SESSION – CATS SUPERSONIC – 2015 AQHA Sorrel Mare x High Brow Cat x High Brow Hickory out of Ride A Merada x Freckles Merada. Cats Supersonic is a very nice mannered own daughter of High Brow Cat. Her mother is a really good daughter of Freckles Merada that produced 300k. This mare is very well trained and has done all aspects of ranch work. She also has had extensive cutting horse training and will stop and go with a cow on her own and will be ready to show in the fall. She is so quiet even our 6 years old son has ridden her on cattle drives in the mountains and on the ranch in both Texas and Idaho. She will be a great mare for so many things and a great brood mare down the road. She has a low neck and is cowy. Super broke and ready to go on and be a winner for you. We bought her right from Colt Ventures where she was raised. In training with Scott Hulme.  Great opportunity here. Call 940 456 0876. Coggins. YS25


REMEDY FOR CD – 2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x High Brow CD x High Brow Cat out of Remedy For Sweets x Grays Starlight. Jet is a super cowy gelding that’s quick footed and got the speed to go gather one up. He was started with a year of cutting training and finished as a reined cow horse. I bought him to show but due to needing and finally having back surgery he hasn’t been ridden more than a couple times off and on since last July. He wants to go work cows and I can’t do it with him so I decided to sell him. He has never offered to buck. (307) 532-1756. Coggins. YS24


CUTTING SESSION – SMOOTH FROSTY MERADA – 2012 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Smooth As A Cat x High Brow Cat out of Lady Merada x Freckles Merada. Talented little mare that is my go to for everything. This mare can cut, sort, and drag calves to the fire. She'll rate a cow in the open pasture or the arena and is a money earner in the NRCHA. Horses out of Smooth As A Cat are known for their excellent minds along with exceptional talent and this mare is no different. Great one for old and young riders alike. (435) 770-7747 Coggins. YS19


CUTTING SESSION – CD HIGH SHORTY – 2016 AQHA Bay Gelding x High Brow CD x High Brow Cat out of Cheyennes Shorty x Shorty Lena. This is a big, stout, good son of High Brow CD. He has been started and trained by Scott Hulme and we have used this horse both on the ranch and in the cutting pen. He has a lot of cow. Good stop. Never has bucked even from day one and will make someone a nice cow horse. He's kind and easy to handle. Been on the flag and on cattle and is sound. Call 940 456 0876. Coggins. YS18


CUTTING SESSION – LITTLE CAT HICKORY - 2014 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Little Cat Olena x High Brow Cat out of RJJ Yellers Hickory x Yellow Roan Of Texas. Cute 4 year old mare, cowy and smart.  Not very big, but a lot of heart.  Loves to work. Sire has earnings of $52,272.  Finalist in the NCHA Open Futurity and out of a daughter of Yellow Roan Of Texas. 509-949-0668. Coggins. YS17


CUTTING SESSION – GUN SLINGN WIDOW -  2015 AQHA Bay Mare x Widows Freckles x Freckles Playboy out of Justine Time x Peptotime. This is a very nice mare that’s been in training for cowhorse or cutting.  A good one to finish up for the Snaffle Bit or Cutting Futurities or make a great derby horse.  She is very good minded and would also be an outstanding, all around horse for roping, ranching, you name it.  Very gentle and has always been sound.  Used on the ranch this summer and spring.  A very nice horse.  208-599-3611. Coggins. YS16


2017 AQHA Sorrel Mare x SDP Measure This TR x TR Dual Rey out of Royal Savannah Song x A Smokin Red Song. Reba is a 2017 High Brow Cat and Dual Rey filly. Years of proven world class breeding. She has the breeding and conformation to go in any direction. Very Smart and willing to please.  Coggins. YC3

2012 AQHA Gray Gelding x Bandido Cat Leo x Bandido Leo out of Macs Unik Lady x Roman Mac. Handy gray gelding, used to turnback in the cutting pen. Nice broke, fancy to look at too. Cute heel horse prospect. FMI 406-581-0348. Coggins. Y221 SUNNY – 2009 GRADE Dun Gelding. Sunny is 9 year old Dun gelding has been rode in the feedlot last winter before that he was a trail horse. He is ready for his next job. Coggins. Y220
2002 APHA Blue Roan Solid Gelding x Dry Doc O Lon x Doc O Lon out of Blakes Miss Cheyanne x Texas Blue Streak. Zack is handy handy handy. He is fancy broke, works well off of leg cues, and is very responsive. He’s awesome on the trails, moving cattle, and messing around in the arena. The gelding could really be any kind of kids horse you want him to be. He will stand all day with a loose rein or he will put his heart into whatever you need done. Not to mention he’s nice to look at. Great to tie load clip shoe. Contact Joci for video or more info 406-927-3919. Coggins. Y197 ZEEK – 2008 GRADE Red Roan Gelding. Zeek been used as an all-around ranch using horse and feedlot horse, he has a great handle on him and willing to work all day long. He has He saddles and bridles good, good for farrier, walk trot and lopes a good circle, side passes, opens gates, will run down a cow great. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Video- Coggins. Y196 PISTOL – 2007 GRADE Black Mare. Pistol is a finished barrel and pole horse, she is seasoned, and ready to go, she has clocked in 1D, but consistent 2D horse. She isn't for an inexperienced youth or beginner racer has a lot of speed and is very quick a lot of horse to handle. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y195
FOCUS – 2013 GRADE Red Roan Paint Mare. Focus is a handy broke fancy looking 14.2 hand red roan paint mare, she has been used for some light ranch work, and also been used a lot in feedlot and worked penning back cattle and loose horses, she is level headed wants to please and is very smart and willing.  Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y194 SUGAR – 2006 GRADE Sorrel Pony Gelding. Sugar is a 12.2 hand little shapy pony gelding, he is built like a brick house, big enough to carry adult riders no problem, no buck or rear at all, solid and good broke, been used for trail riding all over, crosses water, rides down the road great, not a mean bone in his body, he has some go so not for total beginner kid but if you know basics stop turn and go you will like him. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y193

OLLIE – 2007 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Ollie is a pretty golden palomino gelding that stands 15 hands. He has been used in feedlot and on the ranch checking pastures, pasture roping and all other basic tasks of a ranch horse, side passes, opens gates, not for a total beginner since he does have a motor and likes a job. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763  Video -  Coggins. Y192

RYDER – 2010 GRADE Black Gelding. Ryder is a stand up black 15 hand gelding, that is well broke safe sane and sound! He has been used for trail riding, ropes hot heels, been used on heel side out of the box, been pasture roped on a lot, he is very level headed and easy to ride, most anyone can get along, he is not spooky, rides out alone great, no buck rear kick or bite at all. No health issues, good in pen with other horses, stands tied, stands for farrier, good ground manners, no holes is this drop dead gorgeous black gelding! Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763 Coggins. Y189 2011 AQHA Bay Mare x GS Smart As Hickory x Smart Mate out of MecomMeMoney x Mecom Blue. Josey is a super broke young mare that’s very well bred, she has been used lightly for ranch work, used for cutting and sorting, she is catty and wants to ride, she is very broke for her young age and a talented horse that could excel in the arena or stay using as a ranch horse. Video -  call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y188 TABASKO – 2008 GRADE Dun Roan Gelding. Tabasko is a very pretty shapy dun roan gelding, he is as cute as a button, he stands at 15 hands and built like a brick house! He has been used on the ranch extensively, he has a super neck rein good stop and reverse, he is a sweet heart to be around. His only thing is he has a big motor so not for a beginner rider, he likes a job, he is very cool horse that if your looking for your next ranch horse, or arena horse here he is, would be a exceptional heel horse. Video Call or text Kyle at 402-841-7763. Coggins. Y187
FLINT – 2008 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Flint is a ten year old grade sorrel gelding 15-1 hands 1200 lbs straight legs, hard feet. he has a nice one hand rein stops quick easy side pass , walks over his hocks easy to bridle and load ,used to check and doctor cattle , flint isn't a kids horse just a good using horse. 208-420-4150. Coggins. Y186 2005 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x San Dollar Peppy x The Invester out of Sugarfoot Brown x Jimbo Jolly. Been used on the ranch. Stands 14.3, weighs 1100. He has been trail rode extensively by an older gentleman. Saddles up good every day, nice gentle ride. (602) 909-8854. Coggins. Y185 2008 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Hesa Busy Chex x Tuf N Busy out of Trip Cash Flash x Poco Tripoly. This is a real nice, cute, 10 year old gelding we have used him outside on the ranch.  We have been roping the donkey and the hot heels in the arena.  He is gentle, saddles up good every day, very good out on the trails and goes anywhere. A nice, pretty, buckskin gelding. (602) 909-8854. Coggins. Y183
2002 AQHA Dun Gelding x May Be Poco Pine x Mr Sweetmilk out of Hancocks Mansita x Noche Peppy. Ty is a nice, good, big gentle gelding that has been used outside on the ranch extensively. He is a very good head horse, good in the box and gentle for anyone from a number 1 to number 5. Ty stands 16 hands and weighs 1400. He has been to a lot of rodeos and is very good out of the arena.  See him in the preview. (602) 909-8854. Coggins. Y182 MAJOR – 2005 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Very nice using horse I've had for years.  We used him all over the ranch and turned back lots on him.  We are out of the business and old major is the last to go!! He is smart horse but I can't turn up the papers. Coggins. Y181 BALDY – 2007 GRADE Sorrel Paint Gelding. Baldy stands 15.1 hands. Very sharp looking horse. He has more chrome on him than a gypsy junkyard. 4 knee high socks and a bald face with a flaxen mane and tail. He has lots of eye appeal. Raised and used on a west river ranch. Gentle and very easy to catch and sound. FMI 320-305-1578. Coggins. Y179
BROWNIE – 2006 GRADE Brown Gelding. Brownie stands 14.2 hands. Very well made little horse with lots of shape. Been on a west river ranch most of his life. Been rode by ladies and youth. Take him back to the ranch to use or should make a nice horse for trail/pleasure riding. Handy sized horse. Sound and gentle. Good to shoe, load, and haul. FMI 320-305-1578. Coggins. Y178 CALVIN – 2010 GRADE Palomino Gelding. This palomino gelding has a ton of athletic ability and could do anything in any arena. Absolutely no buck and has enough fire to go all day. I’ve been riding on cattle with him. Gorgeous horse! Coggins. Y177 CHASE – 2010 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. This buckskin gelding is shapley, stout, and gorgeous!  He has lots of athletic ability along with a great disposition. I’ve been riding on cattle with him. Coggins. Y176
OREO – 2010 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding. Oreo has been a trail horse and used to check pastures all his life.    He is a very gentle horse, loads, good with his feet and is fun to ride.  Oreo stands 15 hands and will get you noticed where ever you go with his unique color.  He had a big hip and lots of muscle to with a great personality.  For more information call 651-666-0080. Coggins. Y169 SARGE – 2007 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Sarge is very gentle and has a nice one has neck rein.  He stands 14.3 hands and has a nice big hip.  Sarge has been used on the ranch to work cattle and to check pastures.  He is very easy to ride, loads easily, good with his feet and woul make a great horse for any level of rider.  You can leave him sit for long periods of time and will ride off with no buck.  For more information call 651-666-0080. Coggins. Y168 2011 AQHA Gray Gelding x Days Tuff Gold x Duke Doc Bar out of RC Dancin Queen x Zans Bar None. This gray horse has been used as our family/ranch horse. He is broke for anyone to ride. One of the gentlest horses you can own. You can rope either end on him. Our 8 year old daughter has pole bended, barrel raced and roped the smarty on him. Very good to shoe, haul and load. You don't want to miss out on this one! Please call Zane Ford for any questions 509-831-3152. Coggins. Y162
2009 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Mr Quincy Red x Mr Baron Red out of Lacys Buck Eyed x Two Eyed Red Buck. Baron has been ranched used and trail rode. He has a good pedigree and is ready to go in any direction. Quiet and gentle. Coggins. Y155 K – 2014 GRADE Bay Gelding. K is a shapey young horse that wants to be very athletic and wants to work. 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y154 J – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. J is a shapey gelding with lots of chrome, he's very athletic and has the ability to go in any direction. 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y153
2007 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Kings Quixote Cowboy x Diamond N Senor out of Frosted Tynamite x PTS Frosted Cash. Cowboy is a good looking shapey gelding that's had light ranch work and had been trail rode. 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y152 CHIP – 2013 GRADE Gray Gelding. Chip is a nice young horse that's super quiet and gentle and is willing to do whatever it is you might ask, he's easy to get along with and easy to ride. 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y151 SPOT – 2010 GRADE Gray Gelding. Spot had been used all spring and summer dragging calves to the fire, rotating pastures, shagging rodeo bulls and just riding. He's a very nice stand up gelding that's versatile in anything you ask him to do. Nice horse 701-331-2483. Coggins. Y150
2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Pep Of Physician Sue x Docs Daybreaker out of TheRightReward x DancingRightPastYa. Moon is a gritty little horse that will give you his heart and soul, has lots of try and want too. He’s been used to calve on and sorted lots of cattle, checked pastures and gathered horses on him.  Perfect size for the whole family. He will literally go all day long and is ready for his next job. 14.2 hands. Moon is very quick and catty and for that reason I would recommend an intermediate rider. Coggins. Y140 2002 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Okey Dokey Dale x First Down Dash out of Paula Lark x Moon Lark. Ross is a 16 year old gelding standing 16 hands tall. He has been used for everything. He is a finished 2D barrel horse that has also been used as a pick up horse. Ross has shagged bulls in the arena and has roped plenty of calves and drug them to the fire. He's been trail rode all over and is desensitized to EVERYTHING. Stands for vet & farrier. Sells sound. Coggins. Y139 2011 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x Ghosts DblJeopardy x ImpressiveRobin Jr out of Jiggs For Cash x Miss N Cash. RUDY He's 14.2 Hands. He’s safe, sane and absolutely gentle for most intermediate & up riders. Not to mention he’s gorgeous with that pretty as a picture coloring. He’s broke to death and neck reins and rides one or two handed whichever you prefer. He will walk, trot and lope circles picking up both leads. He will ride bareback or saddled. He was raised on a ranch and used for everyday tasks. Rudy has also been used in the feed lots down south. He’ll long trot out across the big pastures. He’s comfortable in the wide open or in the pens. The boys have drug calves to the fire on him and used him to load trucks. He’s just the right size and comfortable to ride. The grandpa used him to check fences and prowl pastures. He’s covered lots of ground and been lots of miles. He’s been ridden on family trail rides as well as being taken on big organized rides. He’ll go anywhere... through water, through brush, up and down hills. He’s truly an amazing don’t want to miss this one if you need one for the ranch and or playdays, events here you go. He has good ground manners. Rudy stands for the farrier, ties, clips, bathes, loads and hauls. This is an outstanding horse you don’t want to miss out on. Coggins. Y138
2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Allied Invester x The Invester out of BCM Chips Des Speck x KNR Mister Chip. Chip is a cute 14:2 hand sorrel with roan hairs gelding. He is very friendly and easy to catch. He knows his leads is soft in the face and easy to please. Chip has been rode inside and through the pastures. Sound nice prospect. Coggins. Y136 VIPER – 2009 GRADE Grulla Pony Gelding. Viper is 48 inches tall. He’s very sweet and gentle. He rides good and willing to do anything asked of him. He is going well on the Barrels and Poles. He’s had the dummy roped on him. He has been trail ridden and takes everything great. He loads and hauls good. Will be ridden all over Friday and Saturday come take a look. FMI call 405-332-3365. Coggins. Y135 BUBBA – 2010 GRADE Bay Pony Gelding. Bubba is 46 inches tall. He’s very sweet and really a cool pony. He kinda has a draft look in a small package. He will do anything asked. He would fit a child with a little experience best. He has some go when asked. He is going good on the Barrels and has had dummy roped on him. He would make a good playday or Jr Rodeo pony. We don’t jump but they have played around with it. He has good feet no founder. He loads and hauls good. Will be rode all over Friday and Saturday come check him out. FMI call 405-332-3366 Coggins. Y134
SHOTGUN – 2006 GRADE Sorrel Halflinger/Quarter Horse Gelding. Shotgun is a 12 year old Halflinger/Quarter horse cross. Super gentle level headed horse and will go and do as asked. Loads, bathes, clips, and stands for the farrier. Rides and drives like one should. Stands 13 hands tall with the foot and bone of a big horse. He will be rode all over Friday and Saturday come check him out. FMI call 405-332-3366. Coggins. Y133 JESS – 2014 GRADE Strawberry Roan Mare. Jess is a gentle ranch horse.  She has been used for all aspects of ranch work including calving, branding, and doctoring; both outside and in the feedlot.  She is also good to shoe.  I run her with a mixed herd of geldings and other mares and she has never been one to fight or cause trouble. We have videos and photos available, just contact us at 402-630-4782. Coggins. Y132 2010 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Vaga King Stinger x Diamonds Lil Peso out of A Fancy Touch x High Flying Jetter. Amber is a thick made double tough mare that knows a hard days work. Born and raised on our ranch in WY and has been used extensively guiding and packing in the wilderness for our outfitting business. She will ride off by herself or leading a string, cross anything, and go anywhere. She needs someone with some horse savvy that can ride, always going to be more of a "cowboy" type horse. If you've got big country and a big job this is the horse for you. Coggins. Y131
DAISY – 2010 GRADE Bay Mare. Daisy is a very friendly, meet you at the gate type horse. Don't let her size fool you, this little mare can get a big job done. Not for beginners. Very good in an arena but covers big open country with no problem. Coggins. Y130 2017 AQHA Dun Stallion x Xceptionally Dun Too x Xceptionally Dunn out of JLT Faerie Magic x Kids Classic Style. Hex is a 2017 stud colt that will top out at at least 16 hands. He has a big hip, straight pretty legs and a baby doll head, he has the tiger stripes on his legs, and he is buskin color but papered dun due to the dorsal stripe. He is a sweet, intelligent and athletic colt and could go any direction, he will be a huge asset to any breeding program. He carries the silver gene and will throw lots of color. It is tough to get the complete package but here it is! Coggins. Y129 2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare x Dressed All In Black x Red Sonny Dee out of Loud Leo Lady RHR x Roulettes Ali. Morgan is a stocky, flashy, 5 yr old sorrel overo paint Mare. Morgan has the breeding, size and mind to go in any direction. My daughter rides her bareback with a halter all over. She had a horse fall on her where my daughter came off and the horse had to be put down, So we put her on Morgan to rebuild our daughters confidence and the horse has done just that for her. This mare is young and has many year left as a brood mare or to take in any direction you want to take her. Coggins. Y128
2006 AQHA Sorrel Mare x TwentyFour Karat Kid x Kid Clu out of Shes So Elegant x Zip To Impress. Sue is a 12 year old sorrel mare that would be an amazing asset to any breeding program. She has years of world champion halter and performance breeding bought together into one horse. She is broke to ride, the previous owner used her for ranch work. We bought her as a brood mare but have rode her a few times and she did great, we are just taking out breeding program in a different direction. If you’re looking to raise some big nice usable babies, this mare is the way to go. Coggins. Y127 STITCH – 2009 GRADE Gray Pony Gelding. Stitch stands 13.2 hh and is fun with some spunk! This would be an awesome little project pony for some kid. He has the speed to be a potential youth rodeo horse. He’s been started on the heeling side and is doing great. He naturally rates and doesn’t get hot in the box. He’s great on the trail and moving cattle. He is as broke as they come, neck rein, backup, side pass, and will lope pretty circles. He’s finished broke just take him in any direction he’s very willing. Contact Joci for more info 406-927-3919. Coggins. Y126 TOBY – 2006 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding. Toby has seen all aspects of ranch work, he was previously a youth heel and breakaway horse. He’s great on the trail. Contact for more info 406-927-3919. Coggins. Y125
MILO – 2011 GRADE Gray Gelding. Milo is a heck of a ranching gelding. He’s fun size at 14.2 and would make an awesome little cowboy or cowgirls personal horse! Milo is very calm and gentle but has the go one needs to have to get a job done. He’s been to brandings, drug calves to the fire, sorted pairs, moved cattle and is awesome on the trail. This guy has done it all and he’s in the prime of his life. He would be the perfect addition to any ranching family. Safe for anyone. Good to tie, load, clip, and shoe. Contact Joci for more info 406-927-3919. Coggins. Y124 MARGARITA – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Molly Mule. Margarita has been rode in rough country and rough terrain her entire life. She will pick her way through safely wherever she goes.  She has also been used to coon hunt on.  She stands 14.2 hands.  Rides alone or in a group.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y123 2014 AQHA Red Roan Mare x MDP Hancocks Bubba x Blue Hancock Star out of HVQ Gingers Charme x Codys San Drift. Ginger is a beautiful red roan mare that has AQHA as well as Foundation Quarter Horse papers.  She has FQHA points in conformation and in-hand ranch horse.  She has been trail rode and will go absolutely any directions you point her.  She rides both in and out of the arena, soft in the face, takes both leads, rolls back nice and stops easy.  She rides good in the big open country by herself or in a group. She is sound. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y122
2015 AQHA Bay Gelidng x A Touch Of Sudden x A Sudden Impulse out of Mea Maria Again x Zippo Pine Chex.  Touch is a gorgeous blood bay gelding that is as pretty as you could make one.  He stands 15.1 with a long mane and big, thick tail.  Touch is exceptionally kind hearted and gentle.  He has always had the best of care; current on all shot, vaccinations and worming.  Touch is very talented with a big stop, correct turn around, side pass, etc.  He is very smooth.  If you need one that won’t hurt you back. He is very easy going but yet has enough heart and try to do any job!! We feel he is a multi-use horse that would fit any family member from 4th level to the roping pen.  Easy strided and a great cadenced lope. We have rode many half siblings to this horse, they have all been exceptionally athletic and trainable. Sound. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y121 2014 AQHA Gray Gelding x Silver Two Fors x How D Silver Man out of Sandys Dakota x Pepon Forty Pine. Talk about big and pretty!!  Silver is a deep dark steel gray.  Solid built, big boned gelding.  Stands 15.2.  This gelding is in the makings to being one heck of a head horse.  We have been roping the hot heels and few slower steers but not out of the box.  He is ready to go. He rides outside with ease and isn’t spooked or rattled easily.  Very willing attitude.  He has a super kind disposition and is easy to get along with.  He is sound, gentle and he is pretty as they come. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y120 2014 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Shiners Genuine Gold x Shiners Ace out of Dandi Poco Freckle x Harlons Big Mac. Check out this extremely gentle, handsome, unique marked golden palomino gelding.  He is as cute as they come.  Stands 14.3, solid built, good foot and bone.  By a son of Shiners Ace!  Freckles is a kind hearted, happy go lucky sort of horse.  He always rides with his ears up and shows good expression.  Excellent disposition.  Freckles has a nice way of moving, good self-carriage, soft in his face and likes to stop.  He is roping the hot heels and ready to back in the box.  Freckles crosses water, bridges, obstacles and is traffic safe.  No buck, no silliness, no issues.  Sound. Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y119
2014 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Peptos Blue Jay x Pepto Royal out of Bids Poco Touch x Bids Midas Touch. Pep is 15 hand gelding that we feel will make a nice rope gelding that could rope both ends.  He has been pasture roped on as well as roping the hot heels.  He rides equally fine in the open country or in an arena.  Gentle, nice to be around and rides off alone or in a group.  Pep is a dark gray gelding with a good stride, he has the athletic ability to take you to the pay window or to get a good days work done.  He has a nice ground covering walk and smooth gaits.  He is soft in his face and has plenty of whoa! Sound and gentle.  Video under West Fork Ranch on Facebook.  Coggins. Y118 2016 AQHA Bay Roan Mare x Lowry Star Jr x Lowry Star out of TT Angelic Buck x Zan It. Fancy bay roan filly that has had 60+ days training. She has been rode in the stockyards. Rides out nice, she has a great disposition, easy keeper and nice to be around. Very pretty to look at, has a great attitude and great conformation. Would make a great trail, ranch or roping horse. Please call Robby Moore 307-231-0076 Coggins. Y115 2004 AQHA Gray Gelding x A Royal Jet x Royal Quick Dash out of Classy Swinger x A.M. Swinger. I can’t say enough about Maximus!! He stands at16.3, has a long mane and tail and is the first horse everyone points out when they come to our place.  He is fancy!! He has literally done it all, dressage, English, jumping, barrel racing, dude riding, lessons, and is an AMAZING trail horse. He has a great mind set, so very willing and smart. Maximus has more knowledge and extra “buttons” than just about any other horse I’ve ever been around. He has nice smooth gaits and I haven’t had a single person not get along with him! Call for more info or to come try him out before the sale. Joci 406-927-3919. Coggins. Y114
2009 AQHA Bay Gelding x Quick To Flare Up x Royal Quick Dash out of Gigolo Dialing x Romeo Gigolo. Prospect barrel horse.  Won money on the track. Super broke and gentle. 832-520-6630. Coggins. Y113 WYATT – 2010 GRADE Gray Gelding. Wyatt is a big gray grade gelding very broke for any level of rider. Wyatt is 8 years old has been ridden through the parks and the city. He would make a great dude horse. Wyatt is 100% safe with no issues. Call 319-721-7714 with any questions. Coggins. Y111 2010 AQHA Dun Gelding x Smokey Blackburn 023 x Mr Poco Blakburn 023 out of Poco Flashy Babe x Shi Poco Pepsi. Lane is an 8 year old Dun gelding that iis double registered AQHA and Foundation Bred.  He is 92.36% Foundation.  He is a big stout horse Stands 15' 1 1/2 weighs 1200 lbs. He is the most laid-back quiet gentle all-around family horse a person could ever look for. He knows how to work a rope but just as soon take anyone in the family on a nice leisurely trail ride. Lane has been shown in 4-H Western Pleasure, Halter and in many parades. Kids Safe, Sound and sane!  Call 319-721-7714 with any questions. Coggins. Y110
KURT – 2003 GRADE Bay Gelding. Nice head horse! Lots of run and power out of the box. Was used for years as a pick-up horse at pro-rodeos. He stands at about 16 hands. Registrations papers have been lost, sells as grade. Super easy to get along with. Rides the same every time you get on him. Coggiins. Y107 2006 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x Bone Hancock x Blu Quachita Hancock out of Lite Stick Court x Heza Flashy Affair. Head, Heel, Breakaway! Anyone can ride, rides the same every time. Really nice breakaway horse. You can head a pile of steers and he'll still score every time. Has drug bulls out and he's a pulling machine! Coggins. Y106 TADA – 2013 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Big energy horse that can cover big circles and will be ready to go to work.  Has been used for all phases of ranch work including calving, doctoring, sorting, and dragging calves for branding.  Has a good foundation and ready to be finished the way you want.  Potential to excel in ranch work or team roping. (406) 660-1539 Coggins. Y105
COWBOY – 2004 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Cowboy is a champion head horse. Also has heeling experience. Was used through high school rodeo and jackpot team ropings. Won saddles and buckles with him. Ridden him all over ranches. Drug calves at lots of brandings. Doc Bar bred and AQHA registered, but is selling grade. Sound and ready to go to the roping pen! Don't miss out on this solid rope horse. (218) 841-1340. Coggins. Y104