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Text the word Billings to 313131 to receive our latest text notifications!

NOTICE: Consignors as of April 1, 2017 all catalog/supplement/open consignment horses (any horse being lead or ridden through the arena) are required to have a current EIA (coggins) test. Including babies being sold on the side. This includes horses from the State of Montana

Our Next Sale:

January 25 & 26
Winter Special Catalog Sale

Featuring "Performance Horses" and our annual "Cabin Fever Tack Sale"
FRIDAY - 12 Noon - 5 p.m. Tack Accepted & on display BLS Lobby

FRIDAY - 3 p.m. INDOOR PREVIEW - HorsePalace Arena Exit 437 on I-90

PREVIEW EVENT ORDER: Barrel Horses - Cutting Horses - Saddle & Ride Horses - Rope Horses

SATURDAY - 8a.m. Loose horses sell BLS Sale Arena followed by the Cabin Fever Tack Sale!!

11:00 a.m. Saddle & Ride Horse Preview BLS Arena (Weather Permitting)

SUNDAY 8 a.m. Cowboy Church BLS Sale Arena

EXPECTING 250+ Horses

  ROPE, RIDE, RANCH or RECREATE, this sale will have it all.

All classes of horses sell including mares, geldings, stallions, prospects and young stock.

This sale is stuffed FULL of good horses. Come see us.

Call us 406-245-4151 or email us at

Our current HORSE SALE UPDATE - CLICK HERE! (update is not the actual catalog and does not contain hip/sale numbers)


Credibility and Dependability are important to us at Billings Livestock Horse Sales.
At Billings Livestock Horse Sales, all horses that are ridden through the ring and sell as a result of being ridden through the ring, are GUARANTEED SOUND until Monday Noon following the Saturday Sale and Tuesday Noon following the Sunday Sale unless otherwise stated from the block. To further define our policy, if the horse sells at 6 p.m. on the Saturday of our sale, the horse will be guaranteed sound for an additional 42 hours - Noon on Monday.
What we here at BLS Horse Sales consider sound is: Sight out of both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four, and not to crib.

Bred mares - mares can be sold two ways:  EXPOSED - defined as "Exposed to a stallion" not guaranteed as bred, but may be.  OR - GUARANTEED BRED - the mare is sold BRED.
Your confidence in our sale does make a difference!   See you at the sale - and remember - at BLS, We Like Horses!

Upcoming Sales Horse Photos   SEE PHOTOS OF SALE HORSES
Consignments listed below by sale - e-mail us at to request a complete catalog 

A FILE number for each horse follows the consignment information and description.  This number is a reference number that you can use when you call our office for additional information on the particular consignment.  THIS IS NOT THE HIP NUMBER OR SALE NUMBER ORDER.   This number is simply a tool for you to utilize prior to the publishing of the catalog to further research a consignment. Click the link listed above as Current Catalog for full hip order 9 days before the sale date.





HR TULSITA CAT – 2013 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Stylin Cat x High Brow Cat out of Colonels Miss Lynx x Ole Zans Colonel. Very well bred mare that has potential to go in any direction, very cowy and agile has done all aspects of ranch work. Started roping the heel o matic and tracking the lead steer. She’s the type you can walk up to in the middle of the pasture and throw a halter on, no buck very sweet minded mare. (307) 763-7587. Coggins. JS1

HUGHES YOUR DADDI – 2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Thomas E Hughes x High Brow Cat out of Dual Rey Anna x Dual Rey. Hughes is a cute made gelding with tons of handle. He is a great team sorting horse, really watches a cow, has an excellent stop and one handed neck rein. He would also make a good heel horse prospect. We have used him all over the ranch, pasture roped on, sorted and gathered cattle. He is a handy guy that we really enjoy to ride. He goes where he is asked and is willing to do any job. He is sweet and friendly and has ground manners of a gentleman. He is good to bathe, clip and shoe. He will load in and back out of the trailer. He takes time off well, and stays broke. For more information call 307-250-9655. To see more pictures and a video of Hughes go to Coggins. JS2

CEE GUNS DUCHESS -  2015 AQHA Bay Mare x Whizkey N Diamonds x Topsail Whiz out of Cee Gun x Royal Cassadaga. Gorgeous!!!!  Duchess is a 15 hand bay mare that looks like an Orren Mixer painting!!  Not only is she easy on the eye, but as gentle as they come.  She has had a year and a half of reining training.  She will do all the maneuvers and would excel as a ranch rider or a Queen Contest horse.  Big stops, great turnarounds, a beautiful mover and an easy lead changer.  Sure to be a sale highlight!!! . 940-765-7177 Coggins. JS3




RENN & RALPH – 2010 & 2012 GRADE Black & White Draft Cross Geldings. Pair of geldings, 7 and 9 years old, stand 15.1 hands. These horses ride and drive very well, and are the perfect size for some not looking to saddle/harness a big pair of horses. Tons of foot and bone, well mannered, and soft mouthed. From choring to sleigh rides, these horses have seen all sorts of use from behind blinders. They are also good withered, making them very comfortable to ride. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503, or check out their videos at Coggins. J1 & J2

2009 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x RS Mohawk Rusty x RS Painted Payday out of Tivios Power Maiden x Docz Tivio Chief. Sysco is a big, handy gelding. He stands 15.3 and weighs 1350. He has been roped off of, sorted cattle, ran horses, and has been pleasure rode. He is soft mouthed, gets off of your leg, and has great barn manners. This is a stout, using, ground-covering gelding ready for any kind of country. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503. Coggins. J3

TOTO – 2015 GRADE Black Gelding. Toto is a quiet little grade gelding standing 14.3 hands. Cool, quiet, and as fancy as they come. He has a great start and has been outside covering country. Ready to go in whichever direction you choose. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503. Coggins. J4

TEDDY – 2011 GRADE Strawberry Red Roan Gelding. Teddy is an attractive strawberry red roan gelding!!! He is super broke to ride! 15 hands and very cute! He is one hand broke and handy in the bridle. He has been used for everything you can think of!  Been heeled on throughout the summer, used for ranch rodeos and sortings. He is a handy dude that gives you his all every time you swing a leg over him.  He is gentle and safe for anyone to ride him. He has no tricks or funny business!  A good all-around horse to use in any job!  He takes every single day in stride and will not give up!  He has been pasture roped on also.  He is kind enough to use him all day working then be rode for pleasure after you are done.  He is a true bridle horse! Opens gates, 360, holds a rope!  Come check him out the day of sale!  FMI call 605-323-7906. Sell sound and broke! Coggins. J5

CASH – 2012 GRADE Gray Gelding. Cash is a good looking gray gelding!  He stands right at 15 hands.  A good looking horse and broke to boot!  He has been used on our ranch for the past 2 years.  He has been used for everything that involves being horseback.  He has moved pairs from pasture to pasture. Pasture roped and doctored calves.    He has been rode many of rough miles and will go all day without any fuss.  He is a cool horse that will fit in anyone's program.  He has been trail rode too.  He will be broke and gentle for anyone that knows how to navigate a horse!  He is one hand broke.  A good horse that has no buck or funny business!  Ride him once a year or every day and he will be the same horse.  Come check him out the day of the sale.  FMI call 605-323-7906. Coggins. J6

DIABLO – 2012 GRADE Bay Crossbred Pony Gelding. Diablo is a cool looking crossbred little big horse! Standing right at 14 hands and built like a tank! He is super broke to ride. He has been used for trail riding and around the ranch. He has been rode a lot of miles checking cattle and checking pairs. He is kind and gives his heart every time you ride him. He is a cool looking cross! Give him a full time job or use him for pleasure. He is gentle and safe! No funny business or buck. Ride him up and down hills, cross water, goes through brush. He goes where you point him. Been started pasture roping also. Good to handle and ride. No tricks to him. He is a handy size and built to go all day. Give him a job and enjoy him! FMI call 605-323-7906.  Sells sound. Coggins. J7

SUNSHINE – 2010 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Sunshine is a big pretty Palomino gelding!  15.1 hands and gentle broke for anyone young or old.  He is one hand broke and will go in any direction you point him with ease!  He has been trail rode a ton this past summer. Lots of overnight and weekend rides.  He will go through any obstacles. Water, brush, up and down. He will take care of you! Been used around the ranch off and on too. He will go track a cow down and rope in the pasture too. He is a good honest horse for the whole family. No buck or hump to him. Good to ride once a year or every day!  He is the real deal!  Come look him over before you buy him!  FMI call 605-323-7906. Sound. Coggins. J8

JIM – 2015 GRADE Dun Fjord Gelding. Jim is a good minded, well-built Fjord. He is 14.2 hands tall. He has been rode out trail riding, pushing and gathering cattle. He is sure footed and will push his way through thick brush and crosses creeks without hesitation. We have drove him this winter with Jake as a feed team. He will drive on either side. He is good to harness and stands quiet to be hooked.  For more information call 307-250-9655. To see more pictures and a video of Jim and Jake go to Coggins. J9

2012 NFHR Dun Fjord Gelding x Majson x Rusten out of Andrea I x Snowys Cosmo. Jake is a good minded well-built Fjord. He is 14.2 hands tall. He has been rode out trail riding, pushing and gathering cattle. He is sure footed and will push his way through thick brush and crosses creeks without hesitation. We have drove him this winter with Jim as a feed team. He will drive on either side. He is good to harness and stands quiet to be hooked.  For more information call 307-250-9655. To see more pictures and a video of Jim and Jake go to Coggins. J10

OREO – 2013 GRADE Black & White Tobiano Paint Gelding. Oreo is a tall gentle guy that has an easy going way no matter what you are doing. He has been rode all over the ranch, and is an excellent trail horse. He takes time off well and saddles up the same every time. He is easy to catch and handle. Oreo has tons of personality and likes people. He rides in any position of a group or will ride off alone without a fuss. He is smooth to ride.  He is good to haul, he will load in and back out of the trailer. For more information call 307-250-9655. To see more pictures and a video of Oreo go to Coggins. J11

LIGHTNING – 2013 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Lightning is a big stout flashy 6 year old gelding that has been used extensively on big ranches in MT. He has gathered, sorted doctored and all aspects of ranch work. Also been used in ranch roping competitions. He needs an experienced rider. (406) 860-3099. Coggins. J12

SPONGEBOB - 2009 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Spongebob is gentle, gentle, gentle. We have had the opportunity of owning this horse for the past year and he has done nothing but exceed our expectations. Spongebob would make the perfect trail/hunting horse. He meets you at the gate, walks out nicely and has a very smooth lope. We have used him extensively in the mountains. Safe for any level of rider. Lay him off as long as needed, saddle him up.... same horse every time. No bad habits. Loads, trims, ties. 307-349-9366. Coggins. J13

2003 AQHA Buckskin Stallion x Ciderwood x Orphan Drift out of Sarca Katy x San Zorro. Kuster is a 2003 buckskin stallion that we have used as a ranch stallion the last several years. He had 90 days put on him as a young horse and has been ridden occasionally for ranch work and heeling since then. Kuster is built very stout and sound and passes that along to his colts. We have videos available of some of his colts. Call Jake for more information at 307 867 2403. Coggins. J14

HIGH POCKETS – 2014 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Gentle ranch gelding. I started him as a two year old.  I started using him on Froze To Death Grazing District at three.  Roped cows, bulls and horses and drug lots of calves to the fire.  Stands 16 hands, 1150 pounds.  Fast walk, smooth lope.  I am the only one that has been on him othe than my grandkids.  They have ridden him around the corral a little.  He is in shape, sharp shod and ready to use.  Sound and gentle.  406-679-3988. Coggins. J15

MIGHTYHIGH NITRO – 2016 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Mighty Mo Highbrow x Smart Lil Highbrow out of Shiney Dual Doc x Nitro Dual Doc. Ruby has had ground work and has been saddled. She is ready to go to a trainer and start her future in the cow work industry. She is kind, smart and eager to please. Her sire MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is a son of SMART LIL HIGHBROW with NCHA earnings of $98,049 and sire of earners of $514,000+. MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is 5 panel negative. This nice filly is well bred with many champions on her papers.  UTD on shots and wormer. For more information please call 406-427-5420. Coggins. J16

WILD MOVIN HIGHBROW – 2018 AQHA Red Dun Mare x Mighty Mo Highbrow x Smart Lil Highbrow out of Wild She Moves x Wild Thing DNA. This little red dun filly has all the pedigree you need to make a great ranch or rodeo horse. She is friendly and willing to do what you ask. Chub stands quiet when tied up and is good with her feet. This is going to be a very classy filly when she grows up. She will make you happy every day you own her. Her sire MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is a son of SMART LIL HIGHBROW with NCHA earnings of $98,049 and sire of earners of $514,000+. MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is 5 panel negative. A well-bred filly with many champions on her papers.  UTD on shots and wormer. For more information please call 406-427-5420. Coggins. J17

SKIPEM MIGHTHIGH – 2016 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Mighty Mo Highbrow x Smart Lil Highbrow out of SlipMeSumthinSpecial x Bobby Bo Badger. Nice little 2 yr old mare that will make a good ranch or arena horse. She is halter broke and has had her feet trimmed regularly. Ready to start under saddle and has a bright future ahead of her. Special has a lot of champions on her papers and should fit just about anyone’s program. Her sire MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is a son of SMART LIL HIGHBROW with NCHA earnings of $98,049 and sire of earners of $514,000+. MIGHTY MO HIGHBROW is 5 panel negative. UTD on shots and wormer. For more information please message me or call 406-427-5420. Coggins. J18

2014 APHA Black Tobiano Gelding x Mastr Coy Bonanza x RR RiskyMastrpiece out of Shacs Easy Jet x Hansome Ike. This is how one should be built! Good bone and foot, handsome head and a deep girth. He has been in professional training for 30 days. He is tucking his chin and moving around like one should. He has worked and tied down cows in the open and knows what a days work is. Wet saddle blankets make good horses and he has had them! Just 5 years old and ready to roll on. 406-962-4347. Coggins. J19

KING – 2010 GRADE Sorrel & White Paint Draft Cross Gelding. King is a very gentle draft cross gelding that's been used a trail horse all of his life. He's been on overnight camping trips and has been in lots of parades.  He would make a great horse for the mountains to trail ride or hunt on.  He stands 15.2 hands tall and has a good foot with lots of heavy bone.  He's 100% sound and is easy to catch.  Be sure to come check him out at the horse sale. (651) 666-0080. Coggins. J20

GUNNER – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Quarter Pony Gelding. Gunner is as GENTLE as gentle gets. He is very laid back and easy going. Gunner is short and stout at 13.3 and 1050lbs. We keep calling him a pony because of his size, however he is definitely a horse wrapped up in a small package.  He is a perfect lady or kid's horse. He has been rode by all ages. Our 4 year old can ride him around and he baby sits him but if you know how to ride you don't have to pedal him.  He is very enjoyable with a good one handed neck rein, picks up both his leads, stops on the hind end, side passes and pivots well.  Out on the trail he is as solid and steady as they come. Give him time off and he saddles up the same every time, no fuss, no warm up needed. He is hassle free just get on him and go. He has lot of exposure from trail riding up and down the mountains, to being used in the feed lot, traffic safe ridden down the highway, to ranch work and he has been roped on too. He is well rounded in his training, he stays broke and is the perfect age to last a family for a long time. Gunner is great to bathe, clip, and shoe. He will load in a back out of the trailer. For more information about Gunner call 307-250-0900. To see more pictures and a video of Gunner go to Coggins. J21

MEMPHIS – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Memphis is a good sized using kind. He’s been flagged on at ropings, sorted cattle in the back pens and will go any direction you point him. He’s not afraid to go all day and has been used to doctor yearlings.  He saddles and travels out by himself and has been used to gather cattle out of the hills and in some of the roughest territories. He will fit right in anything you want to do with this gentle gelding help yourselves. Coggins. J22

WAMSUTTER – 2008 GRADE Brown Mare. Nice little BLM mare. Been rode out in rough country, packed elk, and used on the trail. Has a lot of go. 13.3 hands. Call for questions 307-262-9089. Coggins. J23

ADA – 2009 GRADE Bay Molly Mule. Ada is a very gentle 16 hand molly mule that has been used in an outfitting camp as a riding and pack mule. She has packed meat, crossed logs and rivers and seen the grizzly bears. She is easy to be around and has no bad habits. Good to catch, bridle and shoe. 307-752-9319. Coggins. J24

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Salty Texan x Texas High Dasher out of Miss Catherine x Ronas Ryon. Been exhibitioned and ran in the barrel pen, will be unstoppable when finished. Fancy broke, beginner safe. Used to check cows over the summer, been in parades. This colt is sound and sane. No buck, bolt, rear, or other nonsense. Has the focus, speed and cow sense to go in any direction. Eligible for futurities. Grandson Texas High Dasher - produced many NFR colts. Grandson Ronas Ryon - SI 105 earning over $1.7 million, won All American Futurity and Derby. Coggins. J25

2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Zipanic x Simply A Spark out of Pilgrims Sally x Pilgrims Luck. Super fancy 5 year old gelding that is a talented, ranch broke and ready to go in any direction. Has drug calves to the fire and has had cattle roped outside.  Easy to get along with gentle, No buck and will really watch a cow.  Lightly patterned on the poles and tracking the roping dummy. 2017 3rd place winner at the Nile Gold Buckle Futurity. Video available on Zipanic Bow Tie on YouTube. (307) 751-3878. Coggins. J26

TAKODA – 2006 GRADE Sorrel & White Paint Gelding. TAKODA is a super nice ranch horse. He has been used all over the ranch from riding fence to gathering cattle. Easy to catch and extremely gentle he truly I a family horse that everyone can ride. Coggins. J27

IRIS BASSETT OFFERING – Lovell, WY; 307-272-3905
STILTZ – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. 15.3 hands 1200lbs "Stiltz" is a big leggy gelding used by our help. Roped on, moved cattle and horses and led the guests out on day rides. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J28

PRINCE – 1995 GRADE Gray Fox Trotter Gelding. 15 hands 1050#. Gentle for anyone gelding that travels right out or walk along slow. Moved horses, cows and trail ridden for the last 10 years. Holds his weight good and sound. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J29

FOXS CHANCY POSSUM - 2004 AQHA Bay Gelding x Foxs Possum x Fox Quest out of Dokers Fancy Chancy x Doker Doc. 14.2 hands 1150# "Possum" is gentle and used on the ranch mainly by our help but also for guests. A 72 year old man rode him all fall and they got along great. Cowy, trailed horses, rides in the front, middle or back of the bunch quiet. Has a nice handle and really easy to be around. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J30

KID – 2001 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. 15.2 hands 1300#.  "Kid" is a big, gentle gelding gentle for anyone. Really rides around when asked or will plod along with the inexperienced. Trail ride, move cows, or wrangle horses. He has done it all. Has been a guest horse for more than 8 years. Can need encouragement to leave the barn with someone really inexperienced, but isn't silly. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J31

WIMPY FLASH LAD – 2004 AQHA Bay Gelding x Docs Wimpy Lad x Doc’s Prescription out of Krogs Flashy Lady x Krogs Whiz Mount. 14.1 hands 1100# "BlackJack" has been used by our help the last several years. Roped on trailed cattle and horses and led guests out on day rides. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J32

SPJ CLASS C SAN – 2005 AQHA Bay Gelding x San Peppy Jarvis x Tivio Jarvis out of Class C Candi x Codys Class C Tuch. 15.2 hands 1200#. "Boe" is big and pretty. Travels good and nice to rope on. Bought as a guest horse prospect but is too much. Ridden by our help to doctor, move horses and lead the guests out on day rides. Can be tight with time off. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J33

BUCKY – 1998 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. 15 hands 1150#. "Bucky" is an aged gelding with good travel and is smooth. Roped on, trailed horses and cattle. Nice handle, gentle but has lots of life. 307-272-3905. Coggins. J34

2017 AQHA Sorrel Stallion x Homeless Cowboy x Smart Lil Ricochet out of GM Marisa Sue 12 x Rastus Dasher. This flashy young 2 year old colt is big enough to start riding.  With his pedigree, he has a lot of "cow" and a lot of "run"; Smart Little Lena on his top side and Dash For Cash on his bottom side. We are roping on his full brother. "Copper's" Flaxen mane and tail will make him stand out even more. Quality and gentle. (507) 298-0306. Coggins. J35

2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x The Zippo Connection x Sire Power out of Ms Glamorous x One Hot Krymsun. This BIG sorrel gelding stands 15.3h. "Bob" rides gentle.  He's handy, good boned, good footed, great confirmation and smooth gaited.  Would make an outstanding ranch or arena horse. (507) 298-0306. Coggins. J36

BLACK BEAUTY – 2012 GRADE Black POA Mare. Black Beauty lives up to her name. She's from the world renowned Gene Carr POA Breeding program. This 7 year old pony mare stands 14h and is gaited like a big horse. Perfect for a small adult or advanced kid. (507) 298-0306. Coggins. J37

ARTHUR – 2013 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Arthur is a nice sized, bay roan gelding.  He stands about 14.3 hands, he has good bone with lots of mane and tail.  He has been used on a large cattle ranch in Nevada as well as in the mountains in Wyoming. This is a well-rounded gelding that has never offered to buck on us.  He is easy to handle.  He loads and hauls quiet.  Call for more info 307-699-1191. Check for video. J38

2012 AQHA Brown Mare x Mr Call Me Nu x Mr Nu Smoke out of Becca Chip x Don’t Skip This Chip. Becca is a really cute little ranch mare. She is ranch born and raised, her sire has produced a lot of nice rope horses. She has done all phases of ranch work and really runs to cattle. She has been used to doctor in the feedlot and outside. Becca has had hundreds of cattle roped on her. This mare has seen all kinds of country from boggy bottoms to steep rocky terrain. She would do great in another ranch/trail/rope setting. Becca stands 14.3 and weighs 1100 lbs. Video available, please call 208-756-7341 for more information. Coggins. J39

2015 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Kros Frosty Cowboy x Krog Classy Cowboy out of Kings Midnight Te x Kings Midnight Luck. We raised Rock. He has been rode numerous miles out on the trails. Used some in the stockyard to push cattle. A colt that is full of potential. He has several half-brothers that have went on and made nice rope horses. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J40

2013 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Driftwood Tyree x Snippys Driftwood out of CSR Roan Bar Jewel x Cedar Sioux Rep. We have owned Joey for a year. He has kind of been put on the back burner no fault of his. He has been rode a lot out on the trails he is just looking for a job now. He is a really big and pretty palomino gelding. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J41

2014 AQHA Bay Gelding x JC Flashbac x Sailing Smart out of Missys Poco Blondie x Poco Skye Wamp.  Hoot is a very nice young gelding that is very quiet and gentle. He was rode by a young girl since he was a 2 year old. She checked pastures and did everything on him. We have been using him to pen back at the stockyard. Very nice young gelding that is full of potential. Stays gentle gentle all the time. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J42

2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Oaks Jule Star x Soula Jule Star out of TC Sanjos Shady Lady x Sanjos Little Peppy. I have owned Little Foot for almost a year. When I bought him he had a few months cutting training on him. He has been my go to horse. I have hauled him to ranch rodeos, sortings and 3 man 2 gate sortings and have won a ton of money on him. Used him in the pastures to gather and sort cattle and horses. Have used him at the stockyard to push cattle into the ring. The best part about Little Foot is he tries hard and stays gentle, no matter how much you ride him. Can't say enough good things about this young prime age gelding. He has a lot of shape and look to him. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J43

2014 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x SirPrizerized x SirPrizeriffic out of Best To Be Silent x Kid Silent. Kid has been trail rode a lot. When he was 3 he had a few months of reining training. He should suit about anyone. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J44

2008 AQHA Dun Gelding x Picks Hickaboon x Peptoboonsmal out of Genuine As Tivio x Genuine As Diamonds. Doc belongs to my neighbor we are selling him for him because he has health problems and he can't ride him anymore. He is really broke to ride he has been used for everything. The last few years he has just been trail rode. He is a really shapey stout gelding. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J45

2015 AQHA Bay Gelding x RH Blue Scar Face x Free Ambrose out of Red Dun Jenny x Hesa Bert Too. Bud is a nice bay gelding with 30 days of riding ready for a job. For more info call 507-259-8085. Coggins. J46

CRICKET – 2007 GRADE Bay Mare. Cricket is a very sweet, 15.2 hand mare that originally started her career as a dressage horse in California. However I bought her as a trail horse and in the last 3 years have accumulated 100's of mountain miles and she loves the job. She has been hunting and last fall packed out an elk for me. She crosses water, dead fall and steep territory like a champ and is calm hauling away from home to new trails. She is great for the farrier, stands tied no problem and loads and hauls well. If you are looking for a seasoned mountain trail horse that has a fine tuned handle, Cricket is your horse. She neck reins and moves off the leg like an arena horse. She doesn't mind taking the dogs along on rides and stands calm for mounting. See her video here.  Coggins. J47

SAGE – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Sage is built thick and stout and he can go all day. He does great on the trail, he’s taken care of multiple kids and dudes. He doesn’t mind cattle or ropes and would make a good cowboying horse. For more info call 406-927-3919. Coggins. J48

ROSE – 2005 GRADE Sorrel Mare. Rose has been a pleasure to be around. She absolutely adores kids, and babysitting is her favorite job. She’s been used in omoksee and small barrel races with young girls learning rodeo. This isn’t because she’s necessarily a barrel horse but because she’s willing. She’s been on multiple trail rides, poker rides, been rode to town, moved cows and has even been rode in a hail/lightning storm and didn’t offer one bit of attitude. She has the right amount of go, a huge confidence booster. Good handle. Pretty mare put together the right way. Videos of this mare on the barrel pattern with young girls are available! Call 406-927-3919. Coggins. J49

RUGER – 2007 GRADE Buckskin Paint Gelding. Ruger is a sweet sweet boy that’s fun to ride! He has a good neck rein, back, side pass, and everything you need to make for a comfortable ride. Ruger is fancy and he catches everyone’s eyes! He has big bone, good feet and a pretty blue eye. Ruger is the one used to take the inexperienced friends out on the trail rides, poker rides, and cattle drives. A huge confidence booster and great to look at. For more info call 406-927-3919. Coggins. J50

DEUCE – 2002 GRADE Black Leopard Appaloosa Gelding. Deuce is the kind of horse that doesn’t realize his age. Deuce is real flashy and he’s gonna get ya noticed! He has go if you ask for it! He’s been used at team penning and ranch sortings and has really showed some athleticism. He’s been used for a step up lesson horse and has messed around with omoksees. He’s safe but he really likes the faster gears. Deuce is going to make someone a great personal horse. Call for more info 406-927-3919. Coggins. J51

GOLIATH – 1999 GRADE Sorrel Draft Gelding. BOMBPROOF DRAFT GELDING, Goliath is as safe and gentle as they come, he stands 15.3 and 1500lbs. he is as calm and easy going for anyone that wants to hold the reins. He has been used at a youth lesson camp for trail rides and also was used at a dude ranch prior to going to kids camp. He is safe, not spooky with no goofy business about him at all. Traffic safe, crosses water, super easy keeper, great solid dark feet, sound and healthy. Not a mean bone in him. You can catch him where you find him. He rides bareback, saddles and bridles great with no bad habits. Stays broke no matter how long he sits, always level headed. Great all around trail horse or dude string horse. Contact Pam @ 605-838-7124 for videos and more photos. Coggins. J52

CHEETO – 2007 GRADE Dun & White Appaloosa Gelding. Cheeto is a eye catching appaloosa that stands 14 hands and is a get ‘er done type of horse! He is gentle on the ground as well as in the saddle and has a good handle. This gelding is a great prospect for a Jr rodeo speed event horse. He is sane and sound and is always ready to please.  He will be in all the previews. Coggins. J53

2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Figure Four 437 x Handy Eddie Cinco out of Happy 741 x Happys Warrior. Extreme is a phenomenal ranch gelding that was raised by one of AQHAs reputable Best Remuda Ranches, Haythorn Ranch. He's the definition of a complete ranch horse. He's extremely broke, gentle and safe for anyone to tack up and use on the ranch or go riding on the trails. He has an extremely good handle, will hands down watch and cut a cow. He has been headed on in the arena, pasture roped off of extensively and lopes pretty circles. He is very willing and wants to work. He is great for farrier and vet, no vices, no bad habits. Sound, sane and all around great horse for most anyone that wants to hold the reins. Not spooky, rides out alone great, saddles and bridles well. Stands for mounting and is a total gentleman to be around. When you ride him, you will love him. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763 for videos. Coggins. J54

PUNCH – 2008 GRADE Dun Roan Draft Cross. Punch is a very pretty, well broke, cross bred dun roan gelding that is 1/4 draft, standing 15.1 and built like a brick house.  Easy to ride and all around great using horse or family horse to ride down the road. He does all aspects of ranch work. Super handy, broke and willing to go all day. He is always level headed and easy to ride. He walks, trots and lopes on correct leads and will do anything you ask or go anywhere he is asked. There is no goofy business about him, has a great neck rein, good stop and reverse, no buck rear kick or bite at all. Stands for farrier and good for vet. Saddles and bridles well, good to catch, no health issues. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763 for videos and more photos. Coggins. J55

2015 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x First Prize Stone x Mr Jess Perry out of DJD Shes Fame x Dash Ta Fame. *BARREL RACERS TAKE LOOK* Fame is a super good running bred gelding standing15.2 hands. This colt has tons of talent, he can turn on a dime and flat out fly. He has a good start on him and ready to go in any direction. He is level headed, super smart, and has a very calm and laid back personality. Loves people with an in your pocket type of personality. He would excel in the arena as a barrel and pole horse and is ready to pattern and make something great. Contact Kyle @402-841-7763 for videos and more photos. Coggins. J56

CACTUS – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. FANCY BROKE 16 HANDS AND STOUT! Cactus is a cool big horse that is as fancy broke as you could ever make one and big and solid. He is as finished as they come for ranch horses. He does it all; will run down a cow, tie off and doctor. Has been used at brandings and checking pastures. He can hold any size cow you can rope and has also been used on head side in the arena. He is broke and cowy and wants to work and please. Call or text Kyle @ 402-841-7763 for video and more photos. Coggins. J57

BOB – 2016 GRADE Quarter Draft Cross Buckskin Gelding. Bob already stands 15.2 with all the bone and foot you could ask for. He has been lightly used on the ranch for the past 90 days. Here is a young, big boned colt that is hard to find. He has a great future ahead of him. Call or Text Kyle @402-841-7763 for video and photos. Coggins. J58

DUCHESS – 2006 GRADE Chestnut Mare. Duchess is a fancy broke, shapy, dark chestnut mare. She stands 15 hands and pretty as they come. She is handy broke and has been used for cutting and sorting. Will down right cut a cow and loves to do it. She has also been used as a ranch mare, she has been roped off. She is level headed and honest with no buck, rear or goofy business about her. She likes a job and is willing to do anything. She also will walk, trot, and lope the prettiest circles you have ever seen. She has the nicest slow lope, super soft in the face and gives at the poll. This mare really could do amazing at anything you wanted. She would do awesome for a 4H horse or even a gaming horse. she is catty but yet gentle. Not a mean bone in her. Call or text Pam @ 605-838-7124 for videos and more photos of Duchess. Coggins. J59

2009 APHA Sorrel Solid Mare x JR Colord Haida Boon x Color Me Smart out of JM Little Peppy x Peppys Rosebud. Haida is a well-bred, cute sorrel mare, standing 14.3 and shapy and primed aged.  She has been used lightly on the ranch and had lots of miles trail riding. She is well broke. Good to catch, good for farrier and vet, saddles and bridles good.  Call or text Kyle@ 402-841-7763. Coggins. J60

BOSS – 2007 GRADE Palomino Gelding. 16 hand palomino gelding, Super Cowy, handy on his feet. Raised in rough country. Fun to rope on. Packs, loads very nice. Great long trot. Ride him in a bridle, bosal, or halter. He handles the same in all.  If you want to be super punchy, he’s the horse to have! (208) 404-6870. Coggins. J61

SHANE – 2004 GRADE Bay Gelding. 15.3 hand, stout, easy keeping, big footed bay gelding. Raised in Three Creek area in Idaho. Super gentle horse. Packs anything, raises and used in rough country. He has been roped off extensively. He is very good with novice riders. Used weekly on the ranch. (208) 404-6870. Coggins. J62

TUFF – 2003 GRADE Paint Gelding. 15.3 big, stout paint. Ranch raised in Southern Idaho. Double tuff, will go all day. You can’t kill this horse. Great to pack. He has worked in steep, rough country all his life. Used on the wagon last summer, good to rope off. Nice, big circle horse! Used on the ranch weekly! (208) 404-6870. Coggins. J63

2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Rios Santana x Santanas Cisco out of RWS Ms Sonora Badger x Solito Badger. Cisco is a 14.2 hand gelding that has good bone and foot. Cisco is super friendly and easy going, he tacks with no issues and stands for the farrier. He has been my personal horse all fall and this winter checking pastures and gathering pairs. Cisco knows his leads and takes them with ease. He is very level headed and soft in the face and poll. He rides off on a loose rein with a ground covering walk. He side passes both ways and wants to please. Sound. Coggins. J64

2011 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Dusty Moonlight x Boonlight Dancer out of Dunit Playgirl x Dun It In Freckles. Barbie is a cute 14.1 hand red roan mare with shape and bone. She has been used as a broodmare the last 3 years throwing all red roans. She is 5 panel test n/n and sound to breed or ride. She has been ridden and very talented. She is good with her feet and can be used as broodmare or a saddle horse. Coggins. J65

HAWKEYE – 2014 GRADE Bay Gelding. 15.1 hand gelding with a ton of eye appeal.  He is soft in his face, moves off your legs and has started to really want to ride around.  Nice, shapey gelding that is ready to continue his education.  940-765-7177 Coggins. J66

2015 APHA Black Tobiano Gelding x Childress Black Peppy x KG Hockley Peppy San out of Lena Smart Color x Smart Colored Peppy. Cochise is a heavy boned, thick made young gelding with his whole life ahead of him.  He is very gentle and has been in good hands his whole life.  This nice, young gelding will excel in any direction you would like to take him.  He has a big stop and is starting to have a nice turnaround.  Don’t miss this quality, young gelding.  940-765-7177 Coggins. J67

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Jodys Money Pop x Jody O Toole out of Speed For You x Village Hero. Tigger is a 15.1 hand gelding that is very gentle to be around as well as on his back.  He has had lots of outside miles and knows what a days work is.  We have started roping the hot heels on him and he is showing promise as a head horse prospect.  This horse has enough brains and try to excel in anything he does. 940-765-7177 Coggins. J68

2015 APHA Bay Overo Gelding x An Eligible Bachelor x Zippo Strait To You out of Veses Madeline x Verses Tomboy. Big, gorgeous, unique colored 16.1 hand APHA gelding.  Super gentle, easy strided and easy to get along with.  Lopes around with ease.  Soft in the face, good body control.  Rides excellent outside and a fantastic family/4H horse.  Sound. 940-765-7177 Coggins. J69

2013 AQHA Dun Gelding x La Bleu Rainy Stripe x Doctor La Bleu out of Miss Uno Deuce x Mr Blackburn Deuce. Extremely gentle dun gelding that stands 15 hands with good foot and bone.  This gelding has had a ton of miles down the trail as well as the bar ditch.  He is soft in his face, moves off legs well and is very pleasant to be around.  Sound, sane and safe. 940-765-7177 Coggins. J70

PONY – 2005 GRADE Welsh Pony Mare. Pony, is a grade (I'm sure she once had papers) welsh pony mare. She is not a beginner pony and I don’t think she ever will be. The girls that ride at our place ride her everywhere but she can be naughty so an experienced rider is necessary. We’ve started her on barrels and taken her on trail rides. The girls have had a lot of fun on Pony but it is time for her to find another wild kid to love her! Call or email for more info 307-899-7713. Coggins. J71

TWIZZLER – 2015 GRADE Sorrel Mare. Twizzler is a four year old sorrel, she has had sixty days put on her. She stands 14.5 hands tall, she has a great personality, and is willing to learn. Twizzler would make a great prospect for breakaway and goat tying. She is starting to neck rein very well and moves off of very little leg pressure. Twizzler has been used to move cows and has tracked the roping dummy. She is also showing great potential to be a good cow horse. (208) 716-5905. Coggins. J72

2017 AQHA Bay Mare x Dun Its Lil Peppy x Dun It With A Whiz out of Miss Dandy Hancock x Roan Roy Hancock. Yeska is a young bay with a super sweet personality. She is easy to catch; loads and unloads great. Yeska also is pretty good about her feet being picked up. She has had some ground work done with her and is very quick to learn. (208) 716-5905. Coggins. J73

BARBIE – 2011 GRADE Palomino Mare. If you want to get noticed out on the trail, Barbie is the mare for you. Big, stout, flashy mare stands at 15.1 hands. She is gentle and easy to get along with. She has a nice ground covering walk and is ready to go out for a ride. Barbie is easy to catch, stands tied, bathes, and loads with ease. 406-200-5039. Coggins. J74

MARSHA – 2009 GRADE Brown Molly Mule. Marsha has been ridden and packed in rough timber and mountain country.  She has also been worked in harness skidding logs, driven only double in harness.  It has been over a year since she was driven.  Stands 16 hands with a lot of foot and bone. 406-591-4749. Coggins. J75

JR – 2011 GRADE Bay John Mule. Jr is a handy sized little mule standing at 13.2 hands he has been rode all fall and winter by a 14 year old boy he has ride this mule up and down the trail and made his own trails he will go where you point him and last all day not for little kids but big kids will have a blast with him. 651-303-7056. Coggins. J76

KELSEY – 2009 GRADE Bay Molly Mule. This is a big full made saddle mule that has been rode on trail rides and on the ranch. Kelsey stands 15.1 hh and has great back and build sure rides really handy. She is good with her feet and ears. This mule is ready to right into the mountains riding or packing. Don't miss out on a great saddle mule. 651-303-7056. Coggins. J77

SANDI – 2004 GRADE Palomino Mare. Been used on a ranch by kids and for some small town horse show. Stands about 14 hands, easy keeper and gentle. Cute little mare. FMI 320-305-1578. Coggins. J78

STEEL – 2016 GRADE Gray Gelding. Here is a real sharp-coming 3 year old prospect I've had since he was a colt. He will be ranch raised. He is Jackie Bee bred and sure should make a dandy ranch or using horse. Ready to start you own way. You will find him sound and clean legged. Gentle. FMI 320-305-1578 Coggins J79

CHEYENNE – 2016 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. If pullin' your cinch is how you make your living, come take a look at this colt. He's been ranch raised and run out most of his life. He will be just 3 years old this June and should make about 16 hands and weigh about 1200# when all grown up. He is a Hancock and Jackie Bee bred colt. He sure should be able to do whatever your ability permits on the ranch or the arena. Ready to start under saddle your own way. Sound, clean legged and gentle. FMI 320-305-1578 Coggins J80

TRUBLUE – 2016 GRADE Blue Roan Gelding. Here's another colt I've raised and ran out on the river pasture most of his life. Sure should make a nice ranch or using horse. He is also a Jackie Bee bred colt. Sound, clean legged and ready to start your own way. He sure should give you many good years of use. Real gentle. FMI 320-305-1578 Coggins J81

KOTA – 2006 GRADE Bay & White Paint Mare. Been used on the ranch most all her life sorting pairs, some doctoring, and riding pastures. Stands about 15 hands. Gentle and easy to catch. FMI 320-305-1578 Coggins J82

BRAD PITT – 2015 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Brad Pitt is a beautiful sorrel with a great disposition. He's got athleticism looks and endurance. Coggins. J83

BRUNO – 2012 GRADE Gray Gelding. Bruno is big, strong and gentle. His canter is like sitting in a rocking chair. Would be an extremely good ranch gelding. No buck!!!!! Coggins. J84

OLLIE – 2008 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding. Ollie is a nice gelding with lots of foot and bone. He's been trail ridden and rode in the mountains. He has a nice neck rein and is half gaited. He's extremely smooth and would make a great horse for someone with back issues needing a smooth horse.  He has never offered to buck or do anything bad after leaving sit. He trailers, crosses water, moves off your leg and is easy to catch. To view his video please search Ollie BLS horse sale on  For more information please call 651-666-0080. Coggins. J85

2009 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x River Renegade In XS x River City Renegade out of Playgirls Julie x Playgirls Conclusion. Jethro is a very nice gelding. He is one hand broke and gentle. We have roped and sorted a lot of cattle on him. He will go where you point him. Coggins. J86

2008 AQHA Gray Gelding x Eye Soar x Mr Eye Opener out of Four Flicks x Boy Six. Stout made ranch horse.  He can do a job and go all day.  Coggins. J87

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x DH Pretty Heavy Hit x Solid Gold Kid out of This Ladys A Secret x The Secret. Gentle gelding that has been trail ridden and rode down the road. He is safe and quiet. Coggins. J88

2005 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Hai Flyin San Man x Hai Flyin Lena out of Major Ways x Tru Major Command. Stout built gelding that has been ranched on and used as a pickup horse. He is seasoned and can do about any job. Coggins. J89

2003 APHA Chestnut Solid Gelding x Major Big Time x Redeeming Stinger out of Shesa Shy Lil Rebel x Iron Rebel. Major is a 16 hand gelding that has been used in 4H. He rides English and western. He is gentle for about anybody. Coggins. J90

2015 AQHA Bay Gelding x Quickory x Doc’s Hickory out of Keyhole Magnolia x Solanos Smoke. Super nice young gelding that is bred absolutely the best from top to bottom in his pedigree. Good minded and gentle. He has covered a lot of miles outside checking fence and prowling pastures. He is ready to go on and make a full time ranch or arena horse. Saddle up gentle every time with no hump or buck to him. Great young gelding with a lot of promise and future. Coggins. J91

JIMINEY – 2010 GRADE Brown Gelding. Tailor made with tons of shape and profile. This gelding has made a living in a 20,000 head feed yard. He has carried out all of the duties from doctoring, processing, sorting, loading, and unloading trucks. Works a rope well and can open and shut gates on him. He has a smooth big country walk outside. No hump or buck. Saddles up gentle every time whether you ride him every day or give him time off. A really good using gelding that will get any job done. Coggins. J92

2013 AQHA Gray Mare x Docs Genuine Dusty x Genuine Dusty out of Bar Sheiks Chic x Jodies Bar Chic. Fancy, Fancy, Fancy mare! She is the complete package. Pretty to look at and a pedigree second to none. Just coming 6 years old in the prime of her life. This mare has a very bright future whether it be under saddle or as a broodmare. She is great minded and wants to please! Gentle to catch and be around. Lopes collected and has a big stop. She has color, conformation, pedigree, and overall quality. She is not marish in the stall or turned out with geldings. Super mare! Coggins. J93

BUZZ – 2009 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Good minded, sensible gelding that is broke for all levels of riders. He has done all facets of ranch work. He has also been on many weekend trails rides. Gentle and goes where you point him. Coggins. J94

CISCO - 2012 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Pretty dark golden palomino gelding. He has done light day work around the ranch and is ready for a full time occupation. Whether it be back on the ranch or in the arena. He has a lot of ability and is very athletic. Gentle to handle and be around. Great minded gelding that can go many different directions for a career. Coggins. J95

REGGIE – 2011 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Big, upstanding Matt Dillon colored gelding. Ranch born and raised. He has made a living there his whole life. He has done all types of day work and has been rode in rough country. Will last all day long and never tires. Has a lot of heart to do anything that needs done and will take on any job. Coggins. J96

FRANK – 2012 GRADE Brown & White Paint Gelding. Frank is a gentle broke 8 yr old gelding. Standing right at 14.3. I purchased Frank off my neighbors farm/ranch. He has been used to gather cattle both out of the Sandhills and flat land. He has been ridden by the neighbors teenagers on trails and has been on weekend out of state camping trips. Frank is a very nice gelding that's gentle. Has a neckrein. Goes thru his gates of walk trot lope with ease. This horse should fit any level of rider. He is gentle on and off his back. Coggins. J97

2008 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Two Eyed Whiskey x Two Fox Keno out of Lade Made Banner x Lady Blackburns Poco. Foxy is 14.3. Born, raised and used on Montana ranch. She was purchased and went to one of Alabama’s largest cow/calf operations. Used for everything under the sun. Is a pleasure to ride across the pasture to check your cows. Has a great handle, big stop, watches cattle and is gentle. Side passes to open and close gates. Easy to be around and a smooth moving horse. Don’t miss a nice horse. Coggins. J98

CB – 2012 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding. CB" is a cool looking 14.2-14.3 hand black and white 7 year old gelding. He is been a lesson horse at a youth camp. Used in pasture to gather cattle. Is very gentle, straight legged, clean and sound. He has a nice neckrein, a super smooth slow lope, crosses water, isn't spooky outside. CB has been around traffic, and busy arena riding as well. Has been in box stall and has no stall issues. Isn't buddy sour, and likes attention. Suited for any level of rider. See Blue Smoke Ranch page for pics and videos. Coggins. J99

BELLA – 2010 GRADE Dun Mare. Bella" is a 9 yr old 14.3-15 hand dun mare. Used on the ranch to gather and to sort on. Well made, has 1 hand neckrein, side passes, is a nice mover as well. Moves off your leg. She has had a few foot and pink eye cattle doctored on her. Been in the flatlands and rough brushy country in Texas. Goes where you ask. Been on lots of trail rides as well. A pretty mare with all the right parts. Stand quiet, easy to load, bathe and clip. Check Blue Smoke Ranch page for pics and videos. Coggins. J100

JACKS – 2012 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Jacks is a 15.1 hand 7 year old palomino gelding. A keen made gelding that is gentle to be around, super easy to catch, likes attention! Not a fancy broke gelding but he is gentle and safe. He has trailed some cattle, been on lots of weekend rides down the country roads. Jacks laid back and friendly disposition makes him low man in pecking order with the other horses. Loads great, hauls perfect, stands tied quiet. Coggins. J101

GOLDIE – 2008 GRADE Palomino Mare. Goldie is 15-15.1 hands tall. Used on the ranch to gather cattle and to sort. Mainly she has been ridden by the guests out here. Anyone can get along with her. Very easy going. Smooth mover, has a great handle and stays GENTLE. Goldie goes where you ask and is a thick made horse. A pleasure to be around, never causes a fuss in the herd, rides alone or in a group. Nice family horse. Coggins. J102

ROCKY – 2010 GRADE Grey Draft Cross Gelding. Big, solid broke gelding that will last all day, everyday. He can pack a big load in rough, steep, country, and never tire. Knows how to handle himself and never refuses a task. He is big, steady, and solid. Coggins. J103

DEWY – 2013 GRADE Bay Gelding. Good looking, prime aged gelding that is gentle for the whole family to be around. He has done all the ranch duties. Checking pastures, sorting pairs, and brandings. Good minded and willing to do any job. He would make a great addition to anyone's ranching operation or he has the talent and ability to an outstanding rope horse in the arena. Coggins. J104

2008 AQHA Bay Mare x Ima Red Buck Tyree x Monsieur Red Buck out of Tyrees Watch x Tyree To Watch. Fancy mare that is royally bred from top to bottom in her pedigree. She has made a living her whole life on the ranch. Done all levels of work. She would make a great asset as a broodmare as well. Open and sound to breed to the stallion of your choice. Coggins. J105

DIXIE & DOLLAR – 2008 & 2009 GRADE Sorrel Overo Mare & Gelding. This pair of horses have been together their whole life. Half brother and sister. They were started in the harness and driving when they were younger. Mainly they have been a husband-wife trail riding duo and have been with the same family for most of their life. They have been on several overnight and weekend trail rides and family trips together. They are great to shoe, clip, and bathe. Haul, load, and unload with no problems or issues. You can ride them together or separate in a group or alone as well. They are very eye pleasing pair of horses that will get you noticed everywhere you go. Coggins. J106/J107

ZOEY – 2015 GRADE Dun Molly Mule. She is good minded and gentle. She has been ridden many miles outside in the timber and thick brush. Knows how to handle herself in steep-rough country. Crosses water, logs and dead fall with no issues. Very willing and goes where you point her. Coggins. J108

MAC – 2007 GRADE Dun Gelding. He is an all-around ranch broke gelding that has been there and done that. Gentle and quiet to be around and has done all the jobs around the ranch. Solid boke to go carry out any job or task on. He has covered a lot of outside miles and seen a lot of country. Loads and hauls good with cattle. Been calved on all last fall on a big cow/calf operation. Coggins. J109

APPLEJAX – 2009 GRADE Appaloosa Gelding. Eye-catching, colored up little gelding that is gentle and safe for the whole family. He has been on several weekend trail rides and camping trips. Rides well alone or in a group. Just the right size for the kids and adults to ride. Easy to handle and be around. Coggins. J110

GUS – 2010 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Handy size little horse standing 14.2 hands. He has been used on a cow/calf operation most of his life. Done all phases of work. Gentle to be around, has no hump or buck and is ready for a job. Stays broke whether he is rode ever day or has long periods of time off. Coggins. J111

SPADE – 2010 GRADE Black Gelding. He has been used to pen back cattle on at the sale barn 2 days a week all last fall. Has done all the general work on the ranch as well. He has big ground covering walk outside and has prowled many miles of pastures, checking fence and gathering stock. A gentle reliable broke gelding to go get any job done on. Coggins. J112

AMOS – 2010 GRADE Bay Draft Cross Gelding. He is gentle and safe for all ages to be around. Been many miles up and down the trails in thick timber and rough country. He has also done general ranch work and has been used to gather stock on out of the pastures. Easy to catch when turned out. Good to shoe, clip, bathe, and haul. Coggins. J113

CHESTER – 2011 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Ranch born and raised. This gelding has been used for all phases of ranch work. He has prowled pastures and been gathered on. Been to the brandings and drug calves to the fire. Goes all day long and never refuses a task. He is ready for any job you put in front of him. Coggins. J114

2015 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Otro Fracaso x Willie Wanta Dash out of WR Babbs Bunny x Eye The Rabbit Rabbi. Monte is a coming 4 year old gelding. He has an excellent start and handle for a horse his age. He was started right and correct. There’s no BS to him. He is super sweet and GENTLE!!! I have no doubt that when he gets finished he could be a killer kids horse. He’s started on the barrels, pulls logs, been around cattle. Used him this fall to pre-condition and ship! He can go all day. He has the lines to be someone’s winner in any direction! He has an excellent mind on him, and wants to learn! Very smart. He is not hot, very level headed. He has never bucked. Only reason I am selling is because I’m in the nursing program, and have too many young ones to keep up with, and he’s the one that is further behind so that’s why he’s here! Don’t let him slip away! He’s going to be a winner! He stands 16 hands. Located in Gillette WY. For more information contact 307-257-9904. Coggins. J115

DOLLY – 2005 GRADE Bay Mare. Dolly is gentle bay mare that's had lots of outside miles, done all phases of ranch work from dragging calves, loading trucks to doctoring in the pasture. Be a nice quiet gentle mare that should fit most levels of riders. For more info call 701 331 2483. Coggins. J116

PATTY – 2005 GRADE Sorrel Mare. Patty is a one of a kind mare she is miss trusty, we have had her around for several years in the family. All the kids have learned to ride on her, she is as gentle as they come, she is broke to ride and will fit any level of rider. She has been ranched on, trail rode and is honest in everything she does. She rides out alone, no spook, no buck, loads, hauls, baths, trims and is easy to catch. If you’re looking for an honest gentle stand up horse that’s good for the family or to use this is your horse. For more info call 701 331 2483. Coggins. J117

2013 AQHA Grullo Gelding x Zips Classy Carbon x Joakers Jet N Dude out of Colnels How D Darlin x Freckles Time. Nice young prospect that's had some light ranch work, and arena work. Should make a nice family, competition or ranch gelding. For more info 701 331 2483. Coggins. J118

JASPER – 2015 GRADE Black & White Paint Gelding. Flashy black and white paint that has a good start on him. Has lots of potential, chased some bucking horses in practice pens, been ranched on and trail rode. For more info 701 331 2483. Coggins. J119

2002 AQHA Bay Gelding x Smart Lil Highbrow x High Brow Hickory out of Telenita x Lenas Telesis. This is Bones he’s a 17 year old AQHA registered gelding. He’s a finished heel horse ready to win on. He’s been used outside a lot in all aspect of ranch work, he knows what a hard days work is and will be good to go all day he’s out of a high brow cat brother off the Pitzer ranch. In the last year I’ve won close to $40,000 in cash, 4 saddles and a horse trailer. Will need an experienced rider to rope on him he does get a little hot. He’s ready to go to the pay window. He runs a smooth barrel pattern just needs to add some speed to it. He would also make a good practice head horse as well. We have headed on him a lot. He is good to clip, bathe and stand good for a farrier. He has a lot of go and has lots of good years left in him. Coggins. J120

FREDDY - 2001 GRADE Gray Gelding. 18 year old gray quarter horse gelding that the kids have been riding the last 5 years. Coggins. J121

BRIAN - 2013 GRADE Sorrel Paint/Spotted Draft Gelding. This is a fancy one of a kind spotted halflinger that is dog gentle and nice broke to ride. Has lots of color and willmake a great dude or ranch horse. Coggins. J122

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